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Life Lately: March 2018

Photo by Jom Samson
I think I'm ready to write. I think. I still don't know if this drive will last long but it's progress. I actually missed blogging. I finally got to sorting more than 2,000 photos stuck in my camera for so long and changed my blog layout for the nth time, praying to the heavens this might actually inspire me. I missed writing about my life the way I experience it. At this point, it doesn't bother me at all if anyone cares to read my blog but I keep thinking how I'll regret later on not writing about the wonderful things that happened to me the past 6 months or so. Anyway, here I am again. Dami ko sinabi. LOL.

So here's more announcements-slash-life-updates that no one cares about:

1. I've mentioned in this particular blog post that last year, I may have bitten off more that I can chew. Well, it was partially true since I had to drop one trip last year. But happy to report that I've made it out of 2017 alive and happy. Hahaha. My greatest worry last year was that my South Korean visa application wouldn't be approved and we were in a bit of a stressful situation a few weeks before we left but everything worked out and all is well and amazing. Still not sure if I'm blogging about our trip because I wasn't able to take much photos because I'm freezing 80% of the time. But I had tons of fun with my friends and my K-entertainment loving self was indeed well-fed during and after the trip!

2. A lot of changes happened at work so I can't split my time so much. I always tell myself to come up with a decent post when I get home but I accomplish nothing once I hit the sack.

3. I've managed to watch Incubus and Kodaline's performances this year at the 8 Tour and Wanderland, respectively. It was a let down last year when I totally expected Kodaline to be the headliner for Wanderland 2017 (the band's official Twitter account retweeted Wanderland's poster) but I am just the happiest when they finally made it here this year! Something just changes in you when you see your favorite band in the flesh and hear them perform live the songs that mean so much to you. I can't explain it. Also, I'm seeing another foreign act around the end of April! Hahaha.

4. After 2 years of waiting, my ass finally made it to Pinto Art Museum (thanks again, Charm!). What's even better is that I went there with friends! I also went to this year's Art Fair Philippines and also swung by Ortigas Art Festival yesterday! (If you're planning to drop by, it's until the 26th of the month!)

5. I'm beyond excited seeing that particular foreign act next month. And I told myself that would be the last of it. Haha.

6. Majority of my weekends are basically just hibernating, watching more K-dramas (my next post would be about that actually, it's 50% done so it has a strong chance of seeing the light of the day), and movies. I've actually seen 4 films in the cinema the past 2 months which was not too bad! Oscars season was just over so there's a plethora of quality films available now for our viewing pleasure.

7. We're heading to Taiwan early next month and I just can't wait! Been wanting to visit Taiwan since maybe about a year or so ago and it's finally happening! The visa-free entry policy to Taiwan is until July this year, so please do take advantage of that if you can.

So I guess that's it for me. I'm currently torn between watching The Killing of a Sacred Deer or another episode of Save Me. The days of lighter work load are here so hopefully, I get to do this more often. Hope everyone's having a wonderful day! And in case I don't see ya: good afternoon, good evening, and good night!