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Graffiti Hunt: Art BGC 2017

Devoting a little bit of my time to roam around BGC has become a sort of annual tradition. After the "hunts" I did back in 2015 and 2016, I was looking forward to new murals in the area so I could have this little personal expedition again. It's therapeutic, actually. There's just something about art in public spaces that I love, and as one comment I saw put it, "It really brings color and life to the concrete jungle." I agree. This was one of the things I loved when I lived in the area a few years back. Art is everywhere and there's always something new to see!

I was ecstatic when it was announced that there were 6 new murals for everyone to see! And this time around, I decided to join the scheduled walk tours that Arts at BGC offered so I wouldn't miss any of the new artworks. I think these personal graffiti tours I did on my own before somehow helped me to be less geographically challenged (LOL I am the worst with directions), but let's be real here, it's impossible for me to cover all sites especially if there are farther ones.

So let me start the rundown:

1. Beyond Borders, Peaceful Voyage

To keep it traditional yet pop, a Korean chaekgado (shelf), one of the traditional paintings during the Joseon dynasty, is the main feature of the painting. Inside are symbols and popular sites of ASEAN countries who participated in this project. These objects symbolize the friendship, diplomacy and cultural exchange across borders, united through a form of art. (x)
Originally, this wall had this piece by FAILE. I guess they needed a big space for this collaborative work between ASEAN and ROK artists. Some of the artists that participated in the creation of this mural were: Younggyun, Nam, Siyeong, Sunil, Auggie, Bunga, Bows, Haha, Perol, Pesey, Ariff, Cyrus, Zero, Miguel, and Nemo. Nemo Aguila was the only one I was familiar with; you can check out his Instagram account here

Location: 26th Street corner 5th Avenue

2. For the People: Gates of Paradise by Palimpsest

I was looking at Art at BGC's Facebook account (they were doing, I think, once a week reveal of the new works), and was instantly piqued by this because of what looked like a Totoro figure included in the mural. For the People: Gates of Paradise was made by artists Aids Mariñas, Miles Villanueva, Leny Leonor, and Steven Bruce of Palimpsest. It aims to depict that the progress of civilization and technology goes hand in hand with us, the people, and our preservation of nature. And I would like to assume that that's indeed somewhat a homage to Totoro because the artists were inspired with films like Howl's Moving Castle, Wall-E and Snowpiercer.

Location: BGC Bus Depot

3. The Way Home by Solana L. Perez

This three-panel artwork by Solana Perez, which is her ode to her hometown, Baguio City, rooted from feelings of homesickness and longing to return to her childhood home. You can see the beautiful combination of bright colors and references to mountains and horses. 
“The wheels and circular motifs are an allusion to the building’s role as a parking space, a place where people must constantly be coming and going.”
- Solana Perez

Location: One Parkade

4. Tree House by Jerson Samson and Janica Rina

Jerson Samson's inspiration was actually urbanization and overpopulation, hence the concept of building tree houses on top of as a way to create or reclaim some sort of feeling of home and personal space in this busy and overcrowded city. Another inspiration were mushrooms and their ability to sprout in unexpected places. Take a peep on each of the 11 tree houses and see the details in each.

Location: BHS B2 (just across The Way Home)

5. Dating Tagpuan by John Paul Antido


n. 1. tryst (place of meeting); 2. meeting place; gathering place

Before the malls and coffee shops were the norm meeting places, in the old days, tagpuan has that romantic connotation of places where you meet lover in secret. I loved how this was made, the man painted on one side, the woman on the other, meeting at the center, which is a lamppost. ANG GANDA.

This is a collaborative effort between John Paul Antido, Raymond Vidal, Antonio Areola, Jr., Shannah Orencio, Pogs Samson, Gab Baez, Red Salonga, and Fiona Helena.

Location: C3 Annex, BHS Central

6. Kapit Kamay by Biskeg Pangasinan Artist Collective

The cubist image of a tree with leaves shaped like a brain and clasped hands as its trunk represent an older generation imparting wisdom to hopeful individuals who aim to promote the art scene. The representation springs from the Pangasinan-based artist group’s aim to uplift local artistry. Meanwhile, the image of the water that camouflages three small fishes references to Pangasinan’s popular beaches. (x)

Location: C3 Annex, BHS Central

BONUS: The following 2 are not included in the mural tour but I stumbled upon them so I'm going to include them anyway:

Hear No Evil, See No Evil, Speak No Evil by Archie Geotina. This is located just under the Dating Tagpuan mural.

Cleverly located at 11th Street corner Lane O (specifically on Fully Booked's wall) is this mural of the hit Netflix TV show, Stranger Things. It features the kids of Hawkins and a Demogorgon. You can also see Eleven but it seems like she's in the Upside Down. Definitely a visual treat for fans! (PS. Anybody know the artist for this?)

That's it! If you have spare time to just stroll around the city or you need a new route when doing your morning or evening runs, this would be perfect for you! I just love how BGC makes art accessible for everyone and I do hope next year they would feature more graffiti artists (especially those I'm a fan of hehe)!