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I am sucker for curated playlists. I have a habit of making one every once in a while for particular people, moods and phases in my life. There are just some songs that automatically transport you to a precise part of your existence and I always try and encapsulate the feelings and vivid memories. I've probably made more than a dozen mixtapes that I each specifically listen to depending on my current disposition. Haha.

And as Mark Ruffalo's character in Begin Again says:

Anyway, as much as I love building playlists, I also like discovering other people's creations. I feel like it's a person's extension and, I don't know, it just feels so damn satisfying stumbling upon a great selection of songs. Before, 8tracks was my go to place for mixtapes but Spotify happened (and more convenient, tbh) so here I am recommending one to you.

The first playlist by yaygeometry that I've seen (and heard and followed) was Yes, They're Sharing a Drink They Call Loneliness. I don't remember how I got there, maybe I was looking for sad and slow tunes? Something like that. I decided to explore their profile and really liked the way the playlists are named, the cover art for some and of course, the choices of songs. There are a handful more that I followed but this one is my favorite right now (along with this, this, this, and this):

Now excuse me while I wrap myself in a blanket and roll on the bed to be a burrito while I listen to this once more and stare at nothing for a few hours.