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The Belle & Dragon Makati

Where do I even start with The Belle & Dragon? 😍 
For one, the concept and design of the restaurant was already a big yes for me in the "Should I give this a try?" department. The moment you enter the door, it's like you're transported into some pub located inside a castle. …

The PigPen Legaspi Village, Makati City

I don't usually go out of my way on a weekday to Makati CBD for foodie meet-ups (traffic!) but after a quick digging online to find more about The PigPen, I just had to go. And yes, they've proven that they're worth it. I arrived around 11:00 AM, saw a few tables inside occupied and it…

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I am sucker for curated playlists. I have a habit of making one every once in a while for particular people, moods and phases in my life. There are just some songs that automatically transport you to a precise part of your existence and I always try and encapsulate the feelings and vivid memories.…

Roadster Roasters

[Update: This establishment is permanently closed.]

Instantly, right after our foodie meet-up here at Roadster Roasters, I mentally categorized it under my "Where to Take Friends to Stress-eat" folder and became one of my new favorite places in the metro. With the type of work we have at…
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