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LANY Live At Ayala Malls: Greenbelt

If you knew me personally, you're aware of the fact that I have this certain dependency on the Internet: I rely on the world wide web for daily news, anything about movies and music -- basically anything that involves information, I get online. I don't watch much TV or listen to the radio. So when I begin to like a musician or a band, it's either I discovered it through a film I was watching, or a friend recommended it to me, or someone I follow on social media kept talking about it, I had to check it out.

I remember Sherlock introducing me to LANY last year while I was still deeply engrossed in EDEN's music. I fell in love with EDEN's music hard. I still listen to his albums as much as I can up to this day. Days and weeks went on and I never get tired of playing i think you think too much of me. (Please, please, please do check his music out!) Then he then recommended LANY's ILYSB (the Stripped version specifically). I was hesitant at first (because I was still enjoying being knee-deep obsessed in EDEN's music and I can't be bothered with anything else) but when I did, it was an "Oh my God, I think I'm in love." moment. (See what I did there? LOL)

I remember tweeting this too way back because how one can be equally talented and gorgeous, I don't know, but it seems like both Jonathon (a.k.a. EDEN) and Paul (of LANY) got it all figured out. I began knowing more about the band and their EPs and songs, and I am a simple girl, all it takes is one song to turn me into a physical-album-buying and concert-going fan and their song pink skies did it for me. I'm gonna go ahead and say it: they had this ~*~aesthetic~*~ that appealed to a lot of people. But it's more than that. I can't quite explain it but somehow they managed to settle comfortably into my Spotify account with their songs about love, of course, and all the little things in between.

I missed the opportunity to see them earlier this year at the Wanderland Festival, but thank heavens they had another stint here in the PH just earlier this month! (And of course, I didn't dare miss that!)

Luckily, LANY had a 3-day, 5-mall tour here thanks to Ayala Malls, and though it was such a hassle to score tickets, I pulled through. Haha. All of the effort just to hear them sing pink skies live! I didn't imagine that they're super well-known already until the tickets started to get sold out immediately! Going back and forth to Makati is such a pain in the bum and all the guidelines I had to comply just to get tickets, ugh! But long story short, I managed to score 3 tickets (One for me, one went to Quich and the other one I sold).

Sometimes, I think I'm already too old for this but oh well, for the love of music! Last year, I stood 6 hours during the Wanderland Festival 2016 for Death Cab For Cutie and Bon Iver, and I promised never to do that again (Hahaha), but here I am again -- I stood for 2 hours under the noon sun just to secure decent spots so I could watch and photograph LANY properly. I thought that Greenbelt would be the safest bet out of 5 malls but I was still overwhelmed by the amount of kids people present. Anyway, here's a few of the photos I managed to capture that day.

I would like to think that for a split second, he actually looked at my camera. Hahah.
I mean, Paul looked, right?
How concerts are in real life.


Yep, somebody actually brought roses. Sadly, never made it to the band.

The entire thing lasted for about 45 minutes. It was super quick! TBH, I was expecting a bit more interaction from the band, a little chit-chat, a little reaching out. I think Paul did at one point but of course, to the VIPs only at the front most . I didn't even know that you could score VIP tickets! I knew about the meet-and-greet passes but not the VIP ones. I would have definitely tried to avail that!

And here's their performance of pink skies (Of course, I had to record it so I can play it on loop forever! Haha.) I haven't gotten into the whole video editing realm of the Internet so I haven't done anything to improve this video's quality. ( ̄▼ ̄) It's a little shaky because I was singing and dancing a little bit along, but it's a pretty decent recording of the song:

And finally, here's an even shakier recording of ILYSB. Apologies, it was unfinished because I can't see a damn thing anymore with all those hands! LOL.

And that was it. I finally was able to cross off my list hearing LANY perform pink skies live! I would've loved it if they performed 13, current location, and Walk Away! Though, honestly, I have lukewarm feelings towards their debut album. I don't necessarily hate it but I believe it's not their best. I've made a sort of feedback about it in this blog post. I'm still very partial towards their EP, kinda, but I'm still looking forward to their future releases. Hopefully, I'll fall in love all over again with them just like when I first heart ILYSB.

Paul once tweeted, "Meet your heroes." And while LANY isn't what I'd necessarily consider as a hero, his words weighed a lot and encouraged me more to, if given the chance, see more of the artists and bands that inspire me in this lifetime. There's just this natural high you get from watching your favorite song performed live. As cliché as it may sound, it's true: you'll never hear the song the same way again. 🌹🌹🌹

Greenbelt Setlist: Dumb Stuff, 4EVER!, yea, babe, no way, The Breakup, Parents, It Was Love, WHERE THE HELL ARE MY FRIENDS, Good Girls, quit, pink skies, Super Far, ILYSB.