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Cafe Barbera Manila BGC

It has been 147 years since Cafè Barbera opened their first coffee house in Southern Italy and up to this day, their tradition of serving fresh coffee with passion and dedication is still carrying on. If you're one of those people that needs a shot or 2 of espresso to jump start their day, or a coffee connoisseur that's looking for that authentic Italian coffee experience, I have good news! Cafè Barbera Company, the oldest coffee company in Europe, and their five-generation premium roasted coffee beans (now on its sixth!) is finally in Manila -- in Uptown Parade in BGC to be exact.

I'm not really big on coffee though I enjoy a cup every now and then if needed, but to sample something genuinely Italian? Sign me up!

The interiors, which are predominantly wood, is consistent with every other branch in the world and exudes that cozy but elegant ambiance. My favorite would be the Cafè Barbera neon sign. One, I'm such a sucker for these bright lights; and two, it added a romantic finish to the cafe -- the pink light bouncing off the surface of their Futurmat espresso machines. So pretty.

Here's one of their barista, Jem, teaching us how to properly drink an espresso.
This upscale coffee shop also offers their own freshly cooked and prepared food (except for their pastries), here's a couple that we had:

Chef's Salad (PhP 375)
Suprisingly liked this salad (not very fond of the greens LOL) because of the vinaigrette used as well as the hefty chunks of salmon and chicken. The walnut was a nice touch too since it added more crunch to the dish.
Chef's Club (PhP 290)
The club sandwich was just okay. Nothing too out of the ordinary.
Spaghetti Bolognese (PhP 285)
A delicious classic. 
Fettucine Funghi (PhP 285)
My second favorite pasta dish! Very creamy but still light.
Penne Arrabiatta (PhP 275)
I'm usually biased towards pasta in white sauce but out of these three, my pick is the Penne Arrabiatta. It had that amount of heat that just hits the spot and makes you crave for more!

Barbera's Pizza (PhP 570)
Though thin crust, this 12-inch pizza is packed with flavors from the bacon and mushroom! I really enjoyed eating this because there was a balance in the toppings and crust ratio. No soggy pizza here!
Vegetable Pizza (PhP 390)
As for the drinks:

Matcha Green Tea Freddo (PhP 150, 12 oz;  PhP 160, 16 oz)
Cappuccino Freddo (PhP 145, 8 oz; PhP 155, 12 oz; PhP 165, 16 oz)
Nutelloto (PhP 195, 8 oz; PhP 215, 12 oz)
Since I don't possess a refined palate that can differentiate a great coffee from not (my default coffee choices are anything mocha), I opted to have their Nutelloto (because you can never really go wrong with anything that has Nutella in it). It was sweet and refreshing! There still was little hints of bitterness due to the coffee but overall a chocolate-y one. If you knew me personally and how I go loco with chocolate, this is just the way I like it!
Tomatino Iced Tea (PhP125)
Here's something new: a tomato-infused variation of iced tea! It may sound weird at first but this was pretty good! A perfect complement to the Spaghetti Bolognese and Penne Arrabiatta dishes that further elevates the tomato taste. Fruity and refreshing.
Milky Frozen (PhP 185, 8 oz, PhP 205, 12 oz)
Strawberry Milkshake
Not in the photos was their Americano. All the rich history of Cafè Barbera's coffee and how they still adhere to tradition of roasting each and every bean made me really curious to try it. One thing that was glaringly absent was the fruity acidity, which is what I usually taste in the far more known brands.

Coffee lover or not, you will find something you'll like here in Cafè Barbera. I thoroughly enjoyed the food, even the cold drinks, and I have to be back to try their pastries. Their nook is located somewhere quiet in Uptown so you can bring in your work while sipping a cup of their coffee (they have WiFi). Ambiance is excellent and the baristas are super knowledgeable, friendly and accommodating. Want an authentic Italian coffee experience within the metro? Please do drop by Cafè Barbera.

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Cafè Barbera is located at Ground Floor, Uptown Parade, 9th Avenue Corner 38th Street, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig City
Contact No.: (02) 246-9069 extension 528
Operating Hours:
                             Mon    10 AM to 1 AM

                             Tue      10 AM to 1 AM
                             Wed     10 AM to 2 AM
                             Thu      10 AM to 2 AM
                             Fri       10 AM to 5 AM
                             Sat       10 AM to 5 AM
                             Sun      10 AM to 1 AM