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Singapore Diary: Haji Lane Street Art

My Singapore experience was more ~relaxed~ compared to Hong Kong. I still haven't figured exactly why that's the case. Maybe it's because I'm with my college friends this time around and there's that feeling of familiarity even though I haven't been there ever? Maybe because Hong Kong is my first international travel and I am just the worst when in comes to overthinking? I still don't know, really. 

Since I knew very well that my SG trip was going to be extremely short (but sweet!), I've already set one thing that I absolutely must do while I'm there: look for as much street art as I can. I've told myself if I've ever to set foot in another country again, street art is #1 on the list, next is watching a film at a local theater.

From the same blog where I've found that map for Hong Kong street art, there's also one for Singapore! I've told my friends this is the only activity I wanna do with my limited time and they could leave me wandering Haji Lane if they want to do something else, but since they are such good people, they accompanied me and we did a sort of walking tour around the area. We didn't got around much though, there were too many people and it rained really hard in the afternoon.

The Sultan Mosque at Kampong Glam

There were really A LOT of people when we visited. And the weather was hot. There were 2 concerts that happened consecutively (Coldplay's A Head Full of Dreams Tour which ran for 2 days and the Singapore Jazz Festival), so I don't know if that's a factor or it's just that April is tourist season in SG. It was really hard to get a nice photo of the murals because the stream of people just wouldn't quit. You kinda have to wait for your turn to get a proper photo (yes, there's actual lines) of the murals. The streets were stuffed with tourists so we had to be quick in taking snaps. Haha.

Directly parallel to the graffiti by ZNC is this one by Yok & Sheryo. Both are wall-wide, so you have to get a good angle to capture everything.
CENO2's work for Singapura Club's wall
A sensible slap I spotted near the mural by ZNC.
Loved the screaming colors of this mural at Juice Clinic by Prettyfreakfantasy!
Al Frank Cookies sticker!
So cute!
The entrance to Piedra Negra
My eyes almost popped out their sockets when I saw this humongous graffiti by Didier "Jaba" Mathieu on the side of Piedra Negra. It was so colorful and beautiful!
My favorite people! :D

It started to get gloomy then the rain came pouring early that afternoon so we had to stop all the exploring we're doing and picked a restaurant called Derwish along Arab Street so we could have lunch.

Their food is actually really, really good! Another thing was that they had Pinoy staff so service was fantastic. There's actually a crafts shop that goes by the same name next to the resto. We're able to buy some stuff at discounted prices (with freebies) because the owner, who was Middle Eastern) was super cool! (I laughed out loud when Hanap-hanap by Jadine was playing inside the store!)
The last mural I saw before we hopped on a bus going to Gardens by the Bay. Art by Ernest Zacharevic.
I would definitely, definitely go back here to see more of the street art. I just have to settle with all that I've managed to photograph that day. I know there's a ton more that I haven't seen because we had to leave to go see the Tulip Festival in the Gardens by the Bay. I am looking forward already when I come back here and go another round of street art hunting!