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Royal Indian Curry House

Out of all the more widely-known Asian cuisines, Indian food has always been the most unfamiliar to me. I think I've been intimidated because my knowledge about it is very limited zero (who am I kidding with 'very limited' haha), and I've always thought that their dishes would be too spicy for my liking. So this foodie meet-up is literally like the beginner's guide to Indian cuisine for me. Let me share with you this delightful culinary adventure where this n00bie (~moi~) eat Indian food for the first time at a legit Indian restaurant. (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

Before anything else, a little background. Royal Indian Curry House (RICH) is run by Nepalese (but born and raised in New Delhi) brothers Vijay and Puran Gurung. RICH, as of writing, already has expanded to SM Mall of Asia but this branch in Poblacion Street in Makati is what started all the buzz.

The interiors looked very lavish, regal and impressive. Purple velvet chairs, intricate ornaments, the pillars, the ceiling, the lights, the doors -- everything looked elegant. I wasn't able to take photos because it was a busy lunch time when we went there, a flurry of expats would come every now and then, and the entire resto is actually 5 floors, so I just settled on getting snapshots of the food.

On the table:
Masala Papad
Like tortilla with an Indian flair, topped with chopped red onions, tomatoes, herbs and chili powder.
The three sauces that accompany the Masala Papad: spicy/chili (orange), coriander (green) and tamarind (dark brown)
Paneer Lababdar
Cottage cheese cooked in tomato and onion gravy.
Hyderabadi Biryani
Hyderabadi rice delicacy of cubes and rib chops of lamb cooked with basmati on dum (cooked with steam).
Murg Mukhani
Tandoori chicken cooked in creamy tomato gravy and finished with butter and cream.
Kachumber Salad
Onion-tomato-cucumber salad tossed with Indian spices and herbs.
Butter Naan
Chicken Malai Tikka
Vegetable Samosa
Puff pastry filled with potatoes and peas, deep fried until golden brown.
I was blown away by the flavors of these dishes! I can't pick a specific one I enjoyed more above the rest because I was just continuously munching on everything all throughout. Haha. We started with the Masala Papad, which was crunchy, light and bursting with flavors. What a great way to start our meal! My favorite dip to go with it would be the coriander. For drinks, I had a Mango Lassi, which is sort of like a mango smoothie but 5 times better. ( ̄ー ̄) Another one I fell head over heels with was the Butter Naan. There's just something about that soft, sheen chewy bread with that distinct butter taste and smell that's so addictive. It may appear bland and ordinary but it's absolutely not. I even dipped it in the Butter Chicken sauce and ugh, it was so good! I can definitely picture myself eating that for an entire day. Hahaha.

I honestly just did a whole mish mash of the dishes (a heap of Hyderabadi Biryani topped with Murg Mukhani plus Chicken Malai Tikka and some Paneer Lababdar on the side) and it completely worked for me. The Paneer Lababdar was such a revelation because I didn't know that it was cheese until I took the first bite. There was this balance of the soft cheese with the creamy sauce. You could tell it was cooked well because the cheese didn't disintegrate or got lost in the whole mixture. I love how everything we had was flavorful (sweet, creamy, spicy, savory, smoky, nutty) and the perfect blend of spices added this extra bite and bounce to all the dishes. There were the other components too that I don't usually encounter: yogurt, coconut milk, coriander and chickpeas!

We finished our Indian feast with Gulab Jamun, which my ignorant self thought at first were tomatoes. (//・_・//) Haha. I was surprised by these warm donut-like sweet treats (which are, FYI, milk-based!) that are laced with syrup and garnished with almond shavings. Every bite of it oozes with the sugary syrup. I can't get enough! It was amazing.

There's no other perfect way for me to ease into appreciating Indian cuisine than experiencing it firsthand at Royal Indian Curry House. All the dishes were colorful, hearty and absolutely delicious and satisfying. I am missing out on so much all this time! For someone who has never tried authentic Indian cuisine before, RICH certainly, hands down, won me over. JSYK, their menu has 17 pages in it, so yes, I'll certainly be back to try more.

Big thanks to Royal Indian Curry House for having us and for the awesome service, and as always, Zomato for the invite!

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Royal Indian Curry House is located at 5345 General Luna Street, Poblacion, Makati City
Operating Hours: Sundays to Thursday, 12:00 NN - 5:00 AM
                              Fridays and Saturdays, 12:00 NN - 8:00 AM
Contact No.: (02) 246-9069 ext:793
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