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Photo Diary: Stilts Calatagan

Another weekend, another quick trip to have that much needed reset. To be an adult is hard but at the same time rewarding, but there are just those specific moments when you just want to get away from it all and have a temporary change of pace. Quich and I made a last minute decision again to go somewhere south to relax and rest. The first time we did this, we went to Caleruega and Nasugbu. This time, we went to Calatagan, still in Batangas. Yes, Batangas is still the most practical choice when you want to go on a long drive and be at the beach. (That plus the fact that we both live in the south.)

After a bit of research, we decided on spending a day at Stilts Calatagan Beach Resort. We met up around 4:30 AM in Imus with the hopes of catching the sunrise but we arrived too late. We were super early at the resort though. We were the first ones there by the beach. Haha.

Here are some photographs that I was able to take on the way to Calatagan and during our stay. Nothing extraordinary though. We just went there to rest. We had no activities in mind or plans ahead of time. We just wanted to rest. And rest we surely did.

The road to Calatagan is lined with trees. So beautiful.

You can still see the green sea bed because it's still low tide when we got there. This romantic looking platform is where all the special dinners and proposals happen according to the resort staff.
Little reminders. Have to agree with this. There will be those special places that would remind you of nothing but joy.

We arrived around 7:00 AM and Stilts was still empty (save for a few who were already there the night before). We were really excited for the day ahead of just plain chilling (me) and kayaking (Quich)! We spent an hour or 2 of just lounging around and just staring at the beach with our feet up.
Water started creeping in and covering the sea bed...
...so we couldn't resist dipping our feet in. The water's just ankle deep. We'd go over the buoy line and it didn't even reach our knees.
Two margaritas for us! It's never too early for some alcohol. Hahaha. (9:00 AM is our new 5:00 PM)
Come noon, we finished our lunch, our drinks, had a few naps and just stared at this view and listened to the howl of the wind. I don't consider myself a beach person because I don't know how to swim and I'm too lazy sometimes for all the stickiness during quick trips like these. But I won't ever mind just looking at this amazing view for extended periods of time.
We actually hung out at the white sand bar at the middle around 3:00 PM. Since the water's so shallow, we were just laying on our backs while chatting about realizations and other stuff. Haha. No photos because I did not dare bring my camera to the water. We witnessed someone dropping their phone at the water while taking selfies. Ouch.
We thought about leaving early but decided the last minute to catch the sunset. So serene and beautiful, don't you think?
Stopped to photograph this. Ugh, the color! (Now bougainvilleas always remind me of LANY. LOL)

This was such a lazy day for the two of us but we enjoyed it to the very last bit. When your mind is filled to the brim with worries and thoughts and everything in between, it just feels good to stare at nothingness to empty it. It's just nice to think about nothing or daydream a little. It was a really, really good day. ❤️