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Cup Fiction White Plains, Quezon City

[UPDATE: For those checking out this post, this was back in 2017. My friends and I visited Cup Fiction again last August 3, 2018 and found out that it was closed. According to their Zomato profile, it's just temporary.]

Let me just lay it out there: we went here because this is Saab Magalona's newest venture and I am such a fan. I've been around the blogosphere for quite some time now and that's how I first knew of Saab. (Of course, beside the obvious fact that she's one of Francis Magalona's daughters.) I remember, too, my ex-boyfriend pointing her out to me as one of his celebrity crushes from the now defunct TV show, Lipgloss. (It aired in TV5 way, way back. One of those Saturday teen-oriented shows before.)

Anyway, I've always liked how Saab "overshares" about her life. And though there were transfers of blogging platforms and a lot of change in domain names, I've always looked forward to her posts. She's so real, funny and witty! I also share this love for Saab with my bestfriend, Cy, which then led us to visiting Milky and Sunny in Kapitolyo a few years back (since their family frequented that place before. I think Pia Magalona's now a part-owner of the one in Makati!) and that actually jump started my food blogging! (‐^▽^‐)

When she dabbled into the food business (you can read about it here), I couldn't be more excited. Farn and I planned on dropping by Cup Fiction once before but I overslept so it didn't happen. Hahaha. Good thing, this time around, we're able to convince more of our friends to come with us. It became a sort of after-work hangout for us, complete with the kids! (I'm going to flood you with a lot of pictures because the place is just so photogenic!)

So in love with the interiors! I kinda pictured this in mind that the cafe would have this vibe. Very industrial chic (is that still the term to use?) LOL. It's got that utilitarian design rounded with rusticity of the wooden elements here and there. I adore the colors and that clean, simple and homey overall vibe. Concrete-finish walls, metal drop lights, perfect natural light, wooden furniture, awesome music, cement floors, wall art, it's got everything I like design-wise! Very Instagram-worthy!
Love this breakfast mural! Breakfast food is life! (Art by Ana Lu)
The gorgeous counter top (that reminded me of the cabinet where you put the library cards) and the even more gorgeous pastries!
If you'll notice on Cup Fiction's logo: the letter U is in a form of a cup and the N's books. So yes, the concept of Cup Fiction is that library-slash-cafe that feels like your extended living room. Haha.
We really enjoyed the selections on the book shelf and the wall-wide bookshelf itself is such a nice accent to the entire cafe! I've read that some of the books here are Jim and Saab's personal favorites. They also sell books/comics by local artists!
There's also this spacious function room that you can rent out perhaps for private events. Saab's already held some events and workshops here before.
Mural by CJ de Silva

On the table:

The Kaiju (PhP 305)
 Thick slices of Kitayama Wagyu roast beef, melted mozzarella, grilled onions, monster wasabi mustard sauce, sandwiched in a buttered brioche bun.

Amatriciana Pasta (PhP 280)
Bacon and spicy tomato sauce served on top of hot Fusilli pasta
Oliver's Grilled Cheese (PhP 250)
Mozzarella, Monterey Jack and cheddar cheese grilled to perfection on sourdough bread. Served with homemade tangy tomato soup.

Loco Moco (PhP 230)
Oven-baked dips (PhP 235)
Margherita, creamed spinach and caramelized onion with bacon homemade dips served with Melba toast.
Flatlay, of course. LOL.
Let me talk about the Loco Moco. Now before visiting Cup Fiction, we already took a peek at their menu (via Zomato) and being the pork lover that I am, naturally, I wanted to order the Pork Belly but was having second thoughts because it was quite pricey! Fortunately (and unfortunately), the menu on their Zomato page isn't updated and I learned that the Pork Belly was already removed from the menu. They're serving a new pork dish called Loco Moco.

Loco Moco is actually a staple food in Hawaii. Some blogs coin it as a "soul food." I think it's equivalent to tapsilog here in the Philippines? It's something easy to whip up, sloppy and comforting, may be regarded as breakfast food but you can really just eat it any time of the day. A traditional Loco Moco consists of a bed of white rice topped with a thick hamburger patty topped with a sunny side-up egg then smothered in gravy. Cup Fiction put a different twist on their Loco Moco by using a slab (or was it 2) of bacon and some arugula, which is just perfect. I thought the generous amount of gravy would overpower the entire dish but it actually worked well with the bacon. It's something I would order all the time if Cup Fiction was anywhere near where I work or where I live. This dish is satisfying and filling!

My other favorite was the Oliver's Grilled Cheese. The combo of the grilled cheese sandwich and the tomato soup was perfect. It was Farn who ordered one but I gotta admit I was eyeing it the moment its plate hit the table. I ended up ordering one to-go just so it wouldn't haunt me in my dreams. Hahaha. The sandwich was good on its own, but with the tomato soup it's so much better.  I didn't get to taste everything that we ordered because I'm already full, but everyone's pretty satisfied with what they've had.

Nikko doesn't look impressed with what Terrence was describing to him. Hahaha.
Jom and Miababy!
Tha boiz talking about boi thingz~ LOLJK no clue what they're talking about
Nikko and Charm being Nikko and Charm. Hahaha.
Raven and Mia's first encounter. Cuties!
This pretty little miss!
Mia's curious stare.
We spent a few good hours here just eating, laughing, taking photos and reading books. If you're looking for a place where you could be productive and/or chill, Cup Fiction is a great cafe to visit. Definitely coming back to try more of their coffee and the BFG. I hope this branch will do great so that they can have other branches. I need, need, need a place like this close to home or work so I can get all my blog backlog done! (I get too distracted at home. Hehe.)

Cup Fiction Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

Cup Fiction is located at 141 Katipunan Avenue, White Plains, Quezon City
Operating Hours: 10:00 AM - 12:00 MN, Mondays to Sundays
Contact No.: +63 917 539-7778
Official Facebook Page 
@cupfictionph on Instagram