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Now Playing: Taking Back Sunday - Call Come Running

Taking Back Sunday is one of the few bands I faithfully listened to since college, which is, like, ~10 years ago. Yep, that's long I've been a fan of this band (You could say I'm a decade under influence LOL). So much has changed from that era in my life when I'd blast out loud their Tell All You Friends CD to now that they're on their 7th album. Crazy.

I always had this personal connection to their songs because in one way or another, I'd relate to it especially the ones post-TAYF. Funny, at times, it feels like a big chunk of their music was somehow written for me. I grew up with their albums. I had a handful of people listening to them as well. They were there throughout rough patches in my relationships. Musical heroes? They're definitely on the top of the list.

With Tidal Wave, there's no more apologizing for bleeding on someone's shirt, no more "I'm so sad because she broke my heart but I'm going to be okay," no more screaming eternally after being dumped -- well, there's still feelings, of course, but there's being broken, there's optimism and there's redemption.

Here's their recently released music video for Call Come Running, and man, that ending. That ending killed me. Nobody else does it like these guys do.