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Favorite Things #36

I've been stuck in this writing drought for a few months now and I wish this would go away soon. Well, I've managed to spew out a few posts recently but I've never gotten past the important ones like Zomato reviews and the continuation of our Hong Kong trip. I've been meaning to take a day off work to finally get things done but let's see how the week goes.

Anyway, while I'm in the middle of this scarcity of creative juices, I've always been on the look out for inspiration on the Internet. There are a few personal projects that I made sure I kept my eyes on, hoping and praying that some of their inventiveness would rub off of me and inspire me to write and start a project of my own. *wishful thinking* Here's a few of them:

1. Krystal Jung and June One Kim's collaboration, I Don't Want To Love You, and this music video.

The first 2 minutes, I have to admit, creeped me out because it was very reminiscent of the famous scene in the Japanese horror film, The Ring. Don't worry, there was nothing terrifying! The overall aesthetic was dark and beautiful. And the song's in English so yay! I only knew Krystal as an actress and model, but I wasn't aware that she's actually from the girl group f(x)! This release also came with an online photo book that you can check out at beastsandnatives.com.

2. Nadine Lustre's 'Luster' perfume launch.

I've always professed my admiration for the couple and love team JaDine, and gawd, this girl just rocks my world every time! From their amazing travel video (that she made!) to her impeccably curated Instagram feed to the trends she set, her music choices, her style, her photography and videography skills, and her confidence, this girl is just unstoppable! She knows what she wants and she really takes control!

A few weeks back, she started tweeting and teasing some breathtaking photos with the hashtag #LadyLuster that got everybody thinking what's her surprise. The big reveal happened last Valentine's Day that Luster is first of her perfume line which will be available this March. Grabe this girl! I love all her personal creative pursuits!

3. Adorama's Through The Lens.

I knew about Through the Lens when I saw a write up about it on Hypebeast. The video above is the first webisode I saw, which coincidentally featured locations from Japan and Hong Kong 💕. Adorama says of it,
An original docu-series about the evolving aesthetic of photography as seen through this generation’s creator class.
Apparently, Through the Lens is already a big hit in YouTube. They feature different photographers with each episode, usually those with big followings on Instagram (from hobbyists to amateurs to pros), and shows the viewers their entire process of capturing of images, and sharing their inspirations, tools and tips to the world. I know I'm miles away from being of the same caliber to these featured photographers, but I find each webisode absolutely inspiring. 

4. Conversations of Us.

Conversations of Us, which is the brainchild of Bart Vanlaer and Eena Macaspac (a real life couple who explores the world constantly), was originally their travel and lifestyle blog. They later reformatted it to a platform for people who want to communicate through writing. What's more interesting about this project is you get to send (and/or receive) letters from people all over the world who are also participating.
Conversations of Us will now function as a community of people who writes. Not professional writers, but a community of people who communicate through writing letters. We would want to create a platform on where we could bring back the old style of communication, because sometimes one person just needs some sense of enlightenment to get through with his/her day.