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Quick Bites: January Food Feature

It's been a while since I've written about food and my Zomato's pretty much inactive these days. I always make a mental note of writing quick feedback after dining in a new place but I always end up putting it on the back burner. Though the writing stopped, the eating didn't (never! haha!) and late last year, I've actually been to a couple of great restos. Then Hong Kong happened and I've devoted my energy putting together a blog post piece by piece about that milestone in my life. But there's just some exceptional grub that I've tried which I thought you guys can check out! Because sharing is caring! \(^○^)人(^○^)/

1. Megawatt's Fried Lasagna. Yep, you read that right. Fried lasagna. You might want to visit Megawatt for its cool concept (power plant-themed, they use solar power for the resto), grab some food while having your car washed (sits atop the LG2 Autostation in N. Domingo Street) or just to feed your curiosity about the existence of fried lasagna. Luckily, Megawatt is located near where we live so we were able to hit those 3 birds with one stone. I thought it would crunchy all throughout but it's actually soft and chewy on the inside. I especially love that thick cream sauce on top contrasted by the red sauce underneath. Please make it more gooey cheesy! :)

2. Churreria La Lola's Ultimate Mixed Churros. Didn't hop aboard the churros train until recently when I met up with Ian to have dessert. We didn't know which was a good flavor to try so we went all out and had the Ultimate Mixed Churros, which is composed of 12 pieces of churros that's a combination of these flavors: Clasicos, Dark Chocolate, White Chocolate, Matcha and Butterscotch, assembled in one cone. The price was steep so better share it with friends. My personal favorite would be the White Chocolate! Even better when paired with the Dark Chocolate dip! Yum!

3. Bag of Beans' Country Breakfast. My family has this tradition of having Christmas breakfast in the Tagaytay for years now. But last Christmas, we skipped that and just feasted on the Noche Buena leftovers. Then we decided to 'move' the supposed Christmas breakfast to my parents' anniversary which we celebrated early this month. After hearing mass, we went to Bag of Beans' original branch (I've been to all other branches except that) and had brunch. I had this lovely plate of two buttermilk pancakes, two eggs, sausage and bacon. Super, super filling! And the sausage was the bomb! 

4. Rodic's Diner's Tapsilog and Menudo. Been here twice, both because of friends which were UP alumni and their cravings for this, from what I heard, college food staple. Honestly, tapsilog is not my #1 pick when it comes to all the silogs out there. Yes to liemposilog, malingsilog, even cornsilog! Haha. I actually ordered liemposilog but it was not available that day so tapsilog it is! It's not exceptional but I guess it brings a sense of nostalgia to those who were former students of the university. But I'm surely not complaining with the big serving of shaved cured beef on top of fried rice with a sunny side up egg. It's definitely a bang for the buck.

5. Yo! Panda's Matcha and Mango Cheesecake Bubble Waffles. Jom picked this resto for us to try because Hong Kong feels! I ordered the Crispy Pork Chop Noodle with Cheese Sauce bowl but instead of noodles, I had rice to go with it (sorry, no photo!) I enjoyed it a lot. The serving was big and the meat was tender and flavorful! Jom had the Scallion Chicken Chop bowl and 'twas okay, underseasoned, actually. So we were able to put to good use the cheese sauce that was supposed to go with the noodles. But our favorite were the bubble waffles (although they were pricey)! The waffles are made on the spot so you may have to do a bit of waiting, or much better if you tell them to prepare it while you're still on the main course. Loved my Mango Cheesecake bubble waffle. It's crispy and fluffy, and the ingredients (chunks of mango, cubes of frozen cheesecake, vanilla ice cream and crushed graham) had a generous serving. The sweet tooth in me is pleased!

6. Sushi Nori's Cherry Blossom and Guardian sushi rolls. Because sushi is the bestest, we constantly crave for it. And maybe it's because we're in such a K-drama and K-pop craze right now that Jom and I ended up choosing Cherry Blossom and Guardian (haha *wink*). Cherry Blossom is a combo of salmon, tuna, kani, oboro (that sprinkled pink on top) and Sushi Nori sauce, while Guardian is salmon, cream cheese, mango and spring onions. I liked the latter more because I prefer to have that bite. I will never ever get tired of eating sushi!


How about you? Do you have any recommendations? :)