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Baguio 2016: Where To Eat

This blogging break, looks to me, is a spell that always comes before the year ends. Last year, I wasn't able to put up anything here for the entire December, and this year, the drive to blog was non-existent last November. But what's different now is that I'm not feeling guilty at all. One, I really don't know how many people take the time to read this blog. Hahaha. Second, I didn't want to pressure myself into putting half-baked stuff here (I admit to doing that a dozen times!) And lastly, I was busy with life outside the Internet. My plate was full and my hands were tied, so to speak.

I came across this blog post by Dominique Tiu and thought of the same thing, but no, I just can't bring myself to kill this blog. Too many damn precious memories I'd lose. A lot of people I follow also transitioned to vlogging but there's no way I'd be jumping on that ship (I am so awful when I'm photographed, a video from me would be cringe-worthy haha) so yeah, I'll just keep doing what I'm doing and write.

So here I am once again, doing a lot of catching up starting from the things I left way back in October! First up: our sort of food crawl in Baguio! :)

Baguio's become an annual thing for me now, and this year, I was with Terr and Jom. We went there to purely relax. And by relax, we mean eat and sleep, nothing more. And that's exactly what we did! Hahaha. We were able to eat at 6 restaurants (all I've never been to before!), sleep to our hearts' content, get a massage with an added bonus of experiencing an earthquake! LOL. If you're planning a getaway to Baguio soon, here's a quick run down of our Baguio food crawl that you might want to try:

1. Good Taste

It was a few blocks from where we stayed and we were extremely hungry so this became the first place we went to. We ordered a lot (you can see from the photo), but we didn't know that their servings would be ginormous. I even remember their staff, after taking our orders, said, "Tatlo lang kayo no?" And I had to laugh. Hahaha.

Good Taste is something like Estero from Binondo. They offer a wide variety of dishes (they have a huge menu!) for cheap price. Very good for celebrations with families. There was actually a long line when we arrived! We had the Lechon Tofu (PhP 170), Beef Broccoli (PhP 170), Lumpiang Shanghai (PhP 165), Sinigang na Hipon (PhP 100), Fried Rice (6 pax - PhP 150) and three glasses of lemonade (PhP 35 each). "Tatlo lang kayo no?" is still ringing in my ears. (^▽^) Recommended when you're famished and with a big group of friends!

Good Taste Restaurant is located at Otek corner Carino St., Baguio City

2. Vizco's Restaurant and Bake Shop

The feast (yes, we could already call it that considering the food to person ratio) that we had at Good Taste warranted something sweet to wrap it all up (and we seriously need dessert always). We went to Vizco's for some cake and boy, we ate cake a la Marie Antoinette! I really, really like cake so we ordered 4 different flavors: Ube (PhP 70), Walnut Chocolate (PhP 115), Mango (PhP 75) and Strawberry Shortcake (PhP 95). Get the Strawberry Shortcake, it's our favorite!

Vizco's Restaurant and Cake Shop is located at #5 EDT Building, Session Road, Baguio City

3. Canto Restaurant

Going to Ketchup Food Community is a must when you visit Baguio. I tell that to every person I know. (For those not familiar, the Ketchup Food Community is sort of a food park that houses 5 restaurants.) But the catch here is that I've never eaten at Canto before. It's because they always have a line when we get to Ketchup. As much as Canto is recommended by a lot of people, those both from Baguio and not, I always skip it because our hunger always gets to the best of us. Not this year! I finally got to sample their famous ribs! Here's what we had: Lomo Baby Back Ribs Half Slab (PhP 240), Beef Kelby (PhP 185), Chili Fries (PhP 110), Buffalo Wings (PhP 190) and my favorite, their Red Velvet Cheesecake (PhP 125).

I think this was the most satisfying meal I had during our stay. I finally got to try their lip-smacking baby back ribs and indulged once again in their BESTEST BEST red velvet cheesecake!!! Everything we ordered was superb!

Canto Restaurant is located at Ketchup Food Community, Romulo Drive, Baguio City
(In front of Wright Park)

4. Baguio Craft Brewery

Definitely not a beer drinker -- a glass gets me tipsy already, but wanted to visit Baguio Craft Brewery because why not and I'm really intrigued with their strawberry beer. Love the beer tap that you can see at the first floor and the rustic/wood thing overall. Now, the beer. Again, definitely not a beer drinker, and I was thinking that their Lagud strawberry beer, you know, something like the apple-flavored beer of San Miguel and I was very, very wrong to expect that. Not even close. It was still bitter. I don't understand how people like beer. Hahaha. I guess I am really not wired to like beer. (I've never used the word beer so much until now. Hahaha.) Anyway, I still managed to gulp at least 3/4 of my very tall glass and ended up ordering iced tea as well. LOL. I suck, I know. Defo not as hardcore as Jom and Terr (the weekend alcoholic LOL).

We had the Lagud (PhP 150), Old Xavier 56 (PhP 180), Rolling Fog (PhP 150) and Message in a Bottle (PhP 160) for our alcohol fix that night. And for our munchies: Quesadillas (PhP 250), Chicken skin (PhP 300) and Isaw (PhP 280). To be honest, the food was a bit pricey. Imagine eating chicken skin for PhP 300. Charge to experience! Still highly recommended to beer drinkers because of the wide variety that they offer!

Baguio Craft Brewery is located at RKC Building, 120 Marcos Hi-way, Baguio City

5. Everything Nice Cake Shop and Cafe

Our preferred breakfast place for our last day in the City of Pines is Everything Nice. We found it through reading list after list of recommended places in Baguio and if I remember correctly, we wanted to have pancakes or waffles. We've all never been here so we figured to give it a shot! We went there first thing in the morning, so most establishments are still closed.

The food was pretty good. We liked the waffles! Weirdly though, the cafe mocha was my favorite. Haha. I know it's not food (and not much of a coffee connoisseur) but I particularly enjoyed it!

Everything Nice Cake Shop and Cafe is located at Techno Hub, Camp John Hay, Baguio City

6. The Other Office

We were supposed to go to another restaurant to have our lunch before heading to the Victory Liner terminal (I forgot which one haha), but I remember the place was closed because they had an event happening so we decided to go to The Other Office. I was expecting a vibrant, office-like atmosphere, the likes of the co-working spaces here in Manila (I was even looking forward to bring out my laptop while we're there and work on some things like this post haha) but I was a tad disappointed when we got there. But we got this view so I'm all good:
We ordered classic favorites like Adobo, Tinola, Calamares, Fried Tofu and Lechon Kawali. Food was good, service was better, and view was 👌👌👌. We had an hour or so to kill so we just lounged here for the remaining time we had and then we headed to the bus terminal.


There you have it, my Baguio episode for 2016! If you want to read more about my Baguio experiences from years before, you can read it here, here, here and here. It covers activities you can do in Baguio and of course, more restaurants you can check out. Yes, Baguio has always something new to offer each time I come back!