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Where To Next Planner 2017: Lessons On The Road

When the year approaches its last quarter, resolutions come up and some form of organization is warranted as the new year is on the horizon. Some people depend on their smartphones and apps for their management needs but I have always preferred something tangible. My affinity for stationery came at an early age and eventually used notebooks as DIY organizers. You see, there has always been something therapeutic about writing down all the things you need to do or stuff you need to pick up, your travel wishlist and even random thoughts, and there's this higher kind of high when you get to cross off everything on your list. I wish that didn't sound weird. Hahaha.

It's kind of a big thing for me, the whole hunting (lol) and picking of the planner I will use for the following year. Most of the time, things are a mess, stuff that needs to be done pile up into mountains but planners somehow streamline priorities and make life in order. Haha. I usually make a blog post about my top picks just like what I did last year, but for this year, I'm featuring the one that I have set on using.

The planners I've used in the past are Slate and Moonleaf because I've always liked the simplicity and I'm able to maximize each page. I really don't like the too colorful ones which has cluttered pages (that's just me, I'm too biased with neutral colors) and you won't ever catch me buying planners that are too expensive, I don't get the point. Anyway, this year's choice was Where To Next's 2017 planner. They even got a theme called Lessons on the Road.

I was able to incorporate a lot of going to places the past few years, and believe it when people say that it changes you. With every take off of a plane, every time your feet touches new ground, every time you chance upon interesting people, every time you spend a few days with your friends and discover more about each other, it changes you. It enriches you. You always take something from it. You are never the same. And I thought this planner's the perfect one to remind me of my adventures everyday.

Here are my favorite features:

Spacious pages. My #1 requirement when choosing a planner! Aside from the white-gray theme of the color that's just so pleasing to my neutral colors-loving eyes, I love the cleanliness of the layout of each page and how much space there is. I do a whole lot of jotting down and doodling so I always take all the space I can get. The WTN 2017 planner actually has dateless pages. I haven't tried dateless organizers before but I'd give it a shot. I might be able to squeeze in early 2018 months if ever I skip on some months.

Movie and music suggestions! ❤️❤️❤️ This is what made me fall in love with Slate's planners, the same thing with Moonleaf's 2015 one. There were movie quotes and recommendations, and lines from songs! Especially like WTN's local artists roadtrip playlist! Beside that, there's also a Backpacker's Checklist page for people that's extra lazy when it comes to packing. This has been quite a problem with me before. When it comes to packing, I like to do it the last minute, and yes, sometimes, I tend to forget something because of that. Haha. Still trying to change that!

According to WTN, "Each chapter of Lessons on the Road is based on a lifetime of passion for travel shared by a group of friends. There is also a section where people share their thoughts on following their passion and finding purpose." Planners have come a long way. I remember back then if I were not using DIY ones, I would settle for the generic organizers/journals that are usually given away during Christmas. There was not much variety. Nowadays, there are a lot more options for every mood and personality! I'm really happy that WTN's 2017 planner is not only a helpful tool for the everyday life but it is also a source of inspiration to pursue your passions!
The planner also includes a travel bucket list, pages dedicated to games while you're on the road, and a special section to organize your vacation dates and it has a template that may help you get your boss to easily approve of your leaves. (Though I can't really use this because my work follows a different holiday schedule. Haha.) But for all of you always on the look out for the next long holiday so you could pack your bags and explore, you'd definitely love that. Also, there are tons of breathtaking photos!
Compared to the previous WTN planners, the 2017 is no longer a collaboration between WTN’s co-founders Ayen and Rachel. It is a direct product of crossing paths with people who chose to live a life dedicate to the pursuit of adventure. And it is the authors wish that it will also inspire the owner to explore this vast and beautiful world, experience as much as they can and create their own stories.
Cy and I already purchased our Lessons on the Road planners! It makes starting a brand new year even more exciting! How about you? How do you keep yourself organized? Have you picked which planner you're using for 2017?


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