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Playlist: Strange Feelings, Weird Terror

Still procrastinating tiptoeing around all the backlog I'm supposed to put here. (I still owe Zomato a write-up, a listicle of new places foodies must try in Baguio, another cafe restaurant we went to in Cavite and lastly, something about a planner!) So after a few hours of fiddling, editing photos and browsing different sites for inspo, this is what I came up instead -- a playlist. A hand-picked (naks, artisanal!) combination of a few of my favored tunes as of late, a few songs and artists recommended by friends and some that have grown on me after first discovering it (looking at you Tenterhook!)

I was set on uploading everything on 8tracks once again because it just looks exponentially prettier but there were changes in their international streaming (for listeners outside US and Canada (∩︵∩)) so I guess I'm really stuck with Spotify now. The playlist's supposed to be named as Higher (lol, IK lame) but I saw these cute drawings from Rookie Mag and decided to make it the cover ~art~ and let's face it, strange feelings really do bring out a level of dread, horror, worry, fear and overthinking in all of us. Hahaha!

Please listen to Seafret's Tell Me It's Real because everything in that album is superb! (Also to EDEN's i think you think too much of me!) I'm obsessed with them right now. I wish a miracle would happen and they end up playing at Wanderland next year along with Kodaline and City and Colour! (LOL A girl can dream, right?!)

By the way, if you happen to like Lucy Rose, she's going to be here by November 21st and will be performing at 12 Monkeys! Just spreading the news around because it sort of sucks that I'll be missing it. </3

[Edit] Seafret had a Halloween session via Facebook Live and they covered Radiohead's Creep! How you can not fall in love with this band even more, I absolutely have no idea!