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Loops + Links: Gilmore Girls Edition

Gilmore Girls enamel pin set from here
When I say 'I love Gilmore Girls!' that is absolutely an understatement. I grew up watching during Saturdays (back to back with Will & Grace at Studio 23! Kabarkada mo! :P) the endless mother-daughter witty verbal sparring and fell in love with every quirky character in Stars Hollow. It was an amazing and intelligent show to grow up with when I was just about the same age as Rory. And I identified with Rory: I was one of those book-loving and "Sports? What sports?" private schooled girls of the world. I love how the charming little town of Stars Hollow is, like, hidden from the world and is just a turn of a corner away from being discovered, all the movie and book references, the outrageous amount of junk and Chinese food they consume, the funniest and crankiest character that is Michel, Rory's ambitions, Lane's taste in music, the love triangle, the odd traditions, everything!

I'm writing this because, yes, I've known about the Gilmore Girls revival (which was called Gilmore Girls A Year In The Life) which will be shown at Netflix next month (I swear I cried happy tears when I first learned about this news), and I've been rewatching it for a few days now. Though, okay, I will be absolutely honest here: I've begun to hate Lorelai's character and a bit more things on the show. I have the same feeling as I did when I wrote this after revisiting my favorite film, Reality Bites. I had this light bulb moment: Lorelai is a manic pixie dream girl! (*more exclamation points*) And it dawned me that the worst character on the show is nope, not Emily and Richard, not Jess, not even Taylor, it's Lorelai herself! I hated how even though everyone explicitly tells her Luke always had a thing for her, she dismisses it and toys with him! I guess with age comes wisdom, no? Or maybe I've lived long enough in this world to know that life isn't as peachy as in Stars Hollow or you wouldn't really meet the love of your life by coincidentally having a copy of his favorite book (yes, Team Jess 4EVER!)

BUT it still doesn't change the fact that Gilmore Girls will always be close to my heart and I would still recommend it to anyone looking for something to binge on a weekend or a holiday. Anyway, if you're just as ecstatic as me about them making a short but sweet come back or all the buzz got you curious or you're just looking for something to watch (and love or despise haha), here's a few clickables you can read to get yourself (re)acquainted with the cuckoos of Stars Hollow!

1. Still not convinced? Here's 8 Reasons You Have To Watch Gilmore Girls.

2. Because you will never catch Rory without a book: A list of all the referenced books the entire show.

3. The mother and daughter are cinephiles! A rundown of all the films mentioned in Gilmore Girls! My Films 2017 list perhaps? 

4. Chad Michael Murray! Seth Macfarlane! Masi Oka! Krysten Ritter! During reruns, I would often catch myself saying, "Oooh! [Insert name of present day star here]'s at Gilmore Girls!" Here are more of them!

5. Who's the best boyfriend? Dean, Jess or Logan? Here are some statistical analysis (LOL) as we weigh on who's the best choice. I don't really care about this because, again, Team Jess 4EVER! I really, really loved Dean for her but they don't have much common ground and he lacked ambition.

6. Justifying Jess again: this.

7. And just in case you want to watch just the best of Jess Mariano. Haha.

10. Speaking of Season 7, a lot of people didn't like the way the show ended. It could be because that creators and executive producers Amy Sherman-Palladino and husband Daniel Palladino were not part of it anymore so somehow the show lost its AS-P touch. But it wasn't that bad, right?

11. Are you re-watching the series again in preparation for the revival (like me)? I kind of resonated on some points on this post.

12. Okay. If you don't want to binge but would like to know the lowdown before the revival, here's a cheat sheet.

They say some things are better left in the past. But it would be so nice to see everyone (except Edward Herrmann 😞) and how things have turned out! Can't wait for November 25!