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Favorite Things #35

My friends really do know how to spoil me rotten as I've got some amazing stuff for my 30th birthday. I must have done a deal of good things in my previous life because I got showered with treats when I turned the big 3-0. Excitement for one's birthday is inversely proportional with age (as we all know), but hey, I had an absolute kick this year! Thanks to all my awesome friends! (✿◠‿◠)

One. I bought this one around September and it finally came in a couple of weeks ago. I was just so happy to have in my possession a signed copy of John Paul White's new album, Beulah. When JP's social media accounts suddenly became active and there were secret performances that sprung on YouTube, I almost bawled out my eyes with happiness. I was the ultimate fan girl when I jumped on the chance to have a piece of JP since I think an Asian tour is not in the horizon for a long time. (Edit: But then he responded to my tweet!!!)

Two. Sushi cupcakes from Bellefleur by Beatrix! I convinced myself to get these for my birthday this year (because who else will haha) and decided to go a bit crazy. Last year, I had Mountain Dew cupcakes and was scouting for unique-themed cupcakes when I saw Bellefleur by Beatrix's Facebook post about their sushi cake and was really excited about the thought of having sushi cupcakes. Those were the cutest things! I mean, right? It's a bit weird at first but it was great!

Three. I arranged for us work friends to have a pre-birthday lunch (I had to take the day off for my birthday to spend time with the folks and it fell on a Monday) at Locavore in Forbestown in BGC. Charm was extra weird with wanting to get a server's attention, when I asked her why, she answered me, "Gusto ko lang." and I was like "K. FINE." in my mind. Just as we were wrapping things up, they surprised me with a birthday cake (complete with singing of the Happy Birthday song by the Locavore staff) and I was completely caught off guard. I honestly thought it was for another table until it dawned me that the resto staff was heading towards our table. I love surprises, the good kind. *wide grin*

Four. Earliest birthday gifter was Sherlock, who gave me a tub of Up in the Cloud's Butterbeer ice cream so we can all try it out. So good!!! ಥ‿ಥ Actual pint of ice cream is not the one in the photo. I actually bought another one because ~*~cravings~*~

Five. And because one can never have enough sushi (or sashimi or maki) in their lives, sushi socks! Thank you, Farn! (And thank you for the cutest birthday greetings from Kuya Raven and always being a supportive friend when it comes to my blogging. Haha!)

Six. And because one surprise wasn't enough and they are such an amazing bunch, I was stunned once again when I got to work and they had this waiting for me. A spread of maki!!! This must have been a hundred pieces or so! (And no, I did not eat it all, of course. Hahaha. ( ´∀`)☆) Best. Gift. Ever!!!

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