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Photo Diary: Caleruega + Nasugbu, Batangas

An early morning message from Quich of, "Trish, gusto mo mag-roadtrip?" was what prompted this whole day adventure to the south. Now, as long as I have the time (and money haha), I do not say no to invitations such as this. It's great to take a breather after a long week at work and who wouldn't want to get out of the city once in a while?

Batangas, we thought, was the most practical destination we could go to since we both live in the south side (she, Las PiƱas and I, Cavite, on weekends). It's far but not too far. It's near Tagaytay (where we can chill afterwards if we want to) and there are tons of beaches in Batangas (Quich has been craving to be near bodies of water).

Farther and farther away from the city: almost empty roads and all that green.
Saw these paintings sold road side
First stop: Caleruega
I've seen the Caleruega Transfiguration Chapel many times online and never thought that this place was huge. There's an entrance fee of PhP 30 to roam around the Caleruega grounds. The first one that will greet you is actually The Dominicum's grand stairway, the sort of reception area, I think, since this is the entrance to the retreat houses/rooms.

One of the dormitory hallways
Tall coconut trees tower practically all walkways
The Caleruega Transfiguration Chapel
This is exactly how you'll see the chapel as you approach it. The chapel's located on top of a hill, so the trees are somehow cleverly framing the view. Everything here in Caleruega is extremely beautiful, solemn, and breathtaking! This place is well-known for destination weddings and I guess this is one of the reasons why.

They were decorating the chapel for a wedding. Very intimate and sincere.
You could spend an afternoon just roaming around Caleruega. I've seen on some other blogs that there are lots of sculptures to see, there's a hanging bridge, a koi pond, an ampitheater and farms! We had to leave after visiting the chapel because we were planning to devote the afternoon at a nearby beach.

We had to stop to take photos!

For our late lunch, we decided to visit Kainan sa Dalampasigan. If Tagaytay has Sonya's Garden, Nasugbu's version would be this charming, lush secret garden-type restaurant. If you're in the area, please make sure you don't miss dining in here. It's nice to be surrounded with all these greenery while eating. The place felt super cozy and homey, at the same time capacious and relaxing. Going here was one of the best decisions we made that day! Haha! :)

My partner in weekend crimes, Quich
Sumptuous and affordable Pinoy cuisine! Yum!

Last stop for the day was the beach. We had no particular resort in mind so we just went to the nearest one we found. Originally, we wanted to visit Cape Santiago Lighthouse in Calatagan but figured it's too late in the afternoon already. We settled at Bernabeach Resort, which, honestly, looked better at their website photos. I can't remember the last time I've been on this area of Batangas. This sea front resort was quite disappointing. There were just too many trash littered on the shore (to be fair, someone was raking the rubbish when we got there, but still)!

Our amber sunset
So we skipped the dipping in the water part and just ordered beer and had those lengthy conversations about life. Hahaha.

This view is still relaxing to watch though.
It was a great way to end our day. Though we really looked forward to (at least) sit by the shore and watch the sun set, drinking with one of your best gal friends in some remote place certainly isn't bad at all. The weather was a bit bipolar because it was pretty warm the entire afternoon, but during our drive back, it was pouring hard that we had to stop at a gas station because we can barely see anything on the road. Then as soon as we parked, the rain stopped. Hahaha. It was really funny. When we reached Tagaytay, it was creepy as hell (but cool too, to be honest haha) because everything was covered with fog! It was like wading through Silent Hill! Nevertheless, impromptu trips are the best! ❤️