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Totoo Pala Ang Pag-Ibig Cookies

'Eating your feelings' takes on a whole new meaning with Anj Orense's Totoo Pala Ang Pag-ibig homemade cookies. A friend from work, Charm, saw this Facebook post by Spot.ph about these baked goodies and her automatic reaction was to tag me. Hahaha. I'm not really surprised since I've taken the role of the token single friend in her 30s in most of my circle of friends, and things such as this can't be helped. (Other instances include being messaged out of the blue by another friend of how much she thought of me while watching Achy Breaky Hearts, bringing to my attention that I could create a project with all the third wheeling I do such as this one, and being reminded that I was doing the whole hugot thing before everybody else. LOL.)

Charm told me she'd get me a box (hahaha) and because I can't with her generosity, in return, I agreed to get her a Quattros Leches from Cake2Go. Do we sound weird with all this barter of food? That's how much we love to eat. Hahaha.

I was given the aptly named Patikim ng Pag-ibig box, which a sampler of the available flavors, that contains these three flavors: The One That Got Away (green tea cookies with Kitkat green tea chocolate inside), Forever (milk cookies coated with with Kellogg's cornflakes), and Mahal Kita Pero 'Di Mo Lang Alam (chocolate chip cookies with brownie filling). Ang witty!

I really enjoyed eating Forever (lol)! My friends found it too sweet but it's my favorite out of the three because I love milky things! My matcha-loving friends, Farn and Jom, liked the The One That Got Away; more of Farn because she kept saying "Sarap!" while nibbling on the green tea cookies. Finally, the Mahal Kita Pero 'Di Mo Lang Alam biscuits were really chewy (like a cookie dough) and delicious. We each all had our favorites and we really enjoyed eating these cookies!

So whether you're a pessimist or a believer, grab yourself a box and be reminded that yes, totoo talagang may pag-ibig! Haha! Thanks to Charm for giving me these cookies meticulously baked with love!


For more information, head on to Totoo Pala Ang Pag-ibig's Facebook page.
Contact No.: +63 927 909-8696