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Priva & ChicDriven Women Empowerment Expo

The women of the new generation are generally more liberal and innovative when it comes to their point of views compared to the past ones. Times change and so do our perspectives and needs, and this is reflected on how we feel and understand ourselves. So whether if it's about work, love, health or education, we definitely won't settle for anything less.

I was invited to attend the Priva and ChicDriven Women Empowerment Expo last July 17, 2016 at the Glorietta Activity Center in Ayala Center Makati, with the segments "Be Your Own Boss" and "How To Attract The (Perfect) Life and Love You Want" that aims to impart life-enriching tips for us to live our best lives and intends to the expo “share, inspire, and empower women to truly have it all.” Since Priva's latest variant, Perfect Care 2-in-1, highlights that same unbridled and uncompromised need of women to enjoy perfect intimate care, it came in as the perfect partner for the ChicDriven Women Empowerment Expo.

The second day of the expo was packed with activities, booths and workshops. I was able to catch two of their special segments, Be Your Own Boss and How To Attract The (Perfect) Life and Love You Want.

Be Your Own Boss

Aisa Mijeno of Salt, Michelle Fontelera of ZenZest, Sharleen Cu-Unijeng of Mustela and host, Gelli Victor
Whether you're a professional, a young and eager 20-something, a dedicated stay at home mom, or perhaps you are retiree, we always ponder on the thought of 'something more.' In one way or another, I'm sure you've thought about having your own business. Self-employment, in a way, hits all the right notes: it's something that will make you feel empowered, something that is passion-driven and that's worthy of ditching our 9-5 jobs.

A powerhouse cast of women gave talks about the pains and rewards of starting, running and the success of each of the businesses they have. Sharleen Cu-Unijeng of Mustela, also a mother of three, emphasized on taking on challenges and fears and turning around the tables and using it to your advantage. Venturing into business always has risks and problems, she stresses to not dwell too much on mistakes and to find a resolution immediately. And most of all, "Never lose passion and never lose your love for your job."

Aisa Mijeno, CEO, co-founder and inventor of SALt (or Sustainable Alternative Lighting), talked about her vision of "lighting up the rest of the Philippines sustainably." Her innovation, the SALt lamp, rooted from an experience when she stayed at a home on top of the mountain (she was still working for Greenpeace back then) and how they rely on fuel-based lamps (they have to walk about 30 km to the nearest town to get kerosene) since they had no access to electricity. And since in marginalized island communities, salt, water and rice are staples, why not create something out of those to help these families that are underprivileged. As it says on SALt's Facebook page, this is more than just a product, it's a social movement.

Lastly, Go Negosyo Awardee Michelle Fontelera talked about ZenZest, the 15-year-old pioneer brand of fragrances in the Philippines. She shared that her love for scents started at an early age, and she started this business when she was just 23 years old. Now, a wife and mom, her business continues to prosper throughout the years. She's able to balance her life between family time and work. She tells us, "It's all about priorities. And for me, my family is my priority." This dedication to her family is her source of strength to keep moving.

How To Attract The (Perfect) Life and Love You Want

The next special segment was a panel discussion with Image Consultant, Theta healer, and NLP practitioner Ning Tadena, where she shared her expert insights for manifesting and attracting your dream life; model, triathlete, and doctor Ian Banzon; and happily married celebrity fashion stylist and Cosmopolitan Fashion Director Donna Cuna-Pita joined Ning and Ian in running through the requisites for making your dream a reality.

There was also a one-on-one talk with Suzi Entrata-Abrera on how she juggles being a hands-on supermom, a wife to fellow host and sports enthusiast Paolo Abrera and her career (she's the host of the TV show, Mars, and morning show Unang Hirit, among other things) while looking good and staying trim! She doesn't look her age at all. She's super fit!

That afternoon got me reflecting to find my own success in life. As of the moment, I'm very contented with how everything is going but once in a while I do want to sign up for a multimedia arts class because that's one of my lifelong dreams! Maybe not now, but certainly in the future. I've learned that if you really love what you do and you have the passion for it, everything else will follow, eventually leading to a more fulfilled life. Remember to be imaginative and bold because as they say, fortune favors the brave. And don't forget that YOU are the success story of your life. Embrace it, take charge and live it!


The Priva Promise

Priva is able to satisfy exactly what women want and need precisely because it also stops at nothing short of giving go-getters perfect intimate care. Tested by OB-Gynecologists to be safe and effective for everyday use, Priva is formulated with tried-and-tested ingredients that provide noticeable whitening and smoothening results in as early as 7 days. Plus, it has RevitaCool, which provides a refreshing feeling with every wash.

The new Priva Perfect Care 2-in-1 Intimate Wash is the first multi-benefit feminine wash specially formulated with glutathione to help lighten dark skin areas and collagen to improve the smoothness of the skin. It provides leveled-up confidence because of its multi-faceted approach of addressing these specific and sophisticated intimate care needs. It's available in 60 mL (Php 69) and 150 mL (PhP 149), and is available in leading supermarkets and beauty stores nationwide.