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This Very Moment

At this very moment, I am typing my 15th attempt to properly start this post. It's been half a month of radio silence in this blog; and though there's a lot of things I could write about, social media's been toxic the past weeks (especially since the election ugh) and it's such a pain to go through my Facebook News Feed and Twitter timeline -- online in general -- so imagine what more drumming up a timely blog post. Add the fact that commute to and from work (Ortigas - Cavite) takes a chunk of my time everyday, I rarely have the energy to post something worth reading. (I have too many excuses, I know.)

Enough of all that. The bright side of things: May, my most challenging month at work so far, is over, and yes, crazy as it sounds, we're halfway through the year.

Throughout the past month, I've participated in our company's Community Impact Month, a series of volunteering efforts that span the months of May and June. I've been to two events and I've got to say it's a different way of spending my Saturdays! We've been to Quezon to be with Bahay Tuluyan, to La Mesa Eco Park to learn about tree tagging, and this coming Saturday will be an afternoon of mural painting for me at Arroceros in Manila! Yay!

I've said earlier that May was a challenging month for me at work and it's because of my tardiness issues. Haha. So to fix that (and the impending doom of commuting during the rainy season which is the worst thing EDSA's given every commuter), I moved to the city once again. This time, it's waaay nearer where I work.

Now weekends will be about more volunteering and catching up on films that I've piled up the past months. June will be a much more laid back time for me at work, and I'm looking forward to joining more workshops and activities and finally getting my passport so I could see the world one country at a time. ;)

So there. Just a quick update just to remind myself (and anyone who's reading this) that yep, this blog is still alive! Haha. Sometimes being an adult is so hard but we all get by with all the rewarding things that come with it. 😊