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Quick Bites: June Resto Roundup

Inactivity here in my blog doesn't always equate to idleness in real life. In fact, the past weeks, I've been to a handful of food joints with my friends! And no matter how I emphasize in my About that 'blogging is something that I'll never get tired of doing,' there are weeks that my plate gets so filled (no pun intended), I have no choice but to temporarily step back from it.

From some rarely noticed to the much hyped, here are a few restaurants that made an impression on me the past month:

1. The Rabbit Hole MNL

A new quaint place we discovered along Malugay. I saw something about Rabbit Hole in Instagram, I think, and was really intrigued because of the Alice in Wonderland reference. Coincidentally, I was meeting up with a bunch of my college friends in Makati on a Friday night, so I suggested the place. The place was cute and cozy! Friends who had the rice meals said the food was okay and filling. I ordered the intricate and pretty ube cake (forgot the name) and found it too beautiful to eat. Haha. It was fine as well, hoping for more ube flavor though. Another college friend loved the carrot cake because of how moist it was, but IDK why I found it salty. The cream cheese maybe? All their pastries were at 50% off that night! What a steal! Overall, not so bad. Might drop by again in the future since they're still in their soft opening when we visited.

2. Peri-Peri Charcoal Chicken

First time ever here in Peri-Peri! The interiors were really consistent (Though the colored bottles were a concern to me because what if the shelf gets toppled -- then found out that they were actually glued to the shelf. Haha!) all throughout which was really impressive for me. Terr and Jom brought me to this place which serves rehashed old Portuguese cuisine -- a more spiced up menu, if you will. I ordered the Pele chicken platter which consists of 1/4 Peri-Peri chicken, corn and carrots, Java rice, gravy and some Peri-Peri flavored wings. I love their chicken. It was flavorful and tender to the bone! I really enjoyed eating the entire thing! And as much as I love hot wings, Peri-Peri's were on the really spicy end of the spectrum. Haha! I had to take my time with it. There's so much more on their menu that I would like to try!

My family and I went here at Concha's Garden Cafe for breakfast to celebrate Mother's Day (so yeah, technically not June but I'm still including it). We had to wait for 50 minutes to be seated and an additional 15 minutes or so before our orders (all breakfast meals) were served. I think this restaurant was too hyped (Alden Richards apparently owns this branch) and there were just too many people curious of this resto and their manpower is too little. The line just kept getting longer until those who were supposed to have breakfast, in the long run, ordered something for brunch/lunch instead. The place was nice but could only handle a certain number of people. The food was okay but nothing out of the box. I am not sure if they were on soft opening during our time of visit, but I don't think we're coming back to see the difference.

I work nights and it's a bit hard for us to find something new food to munch on since our office is surrounded by the usual fast food chains. A little well-lit nook in Tiendesitas caught our eye one early morning and we thought it was a lugawan or gotohan. We then paid it a visit after shift and was surprised that it was, well, another fast food restaurant. We still went ahead and tried it and turned out to be one of our best decisions ever. Hahaha. Tom Sawyer's chicken ranks #1 in my heart (at least for now, sorry, Jollibee!) Crispy, very juicy and ultra flavorful (now I just made up that one but it really is f l a v o r f u l!) The first time we dined here we were charged for a refill of the gravy (boo!) but after a few days, when we came back, it's for free na (yey!) Constantly craving for this whenever I feel stressed. Simple, straightforward and satisfying!


Have you tried any of these food joints? What do you think? :)