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Wink Laser Studio's Gentlemax Pro Laser Hair Removal

When it comes to maintaining body hair growth, I'm pretty much an old school type of girl. I resort to shaving when it comes to my underarms and shaping my eyebrows, I don't shave my legs because I never really saw it as a necessity. I have fine hair on my legs so it's okay with me. Th…

Quick Bites: June Resto Roundup

Inactivity here in my blog doesn't always equate to idleness in real life. In fact, the past weeks, I've been to a handful of food joints with my friends! And no matter how I emphasize in my About that 'blogging is something that I'll never get tired of doing,' there are weeks …

This Very Moment

At this very moment, I am typing my 15th attempt to properly start this post. It's been half a month of radio silence in this blog; and though there's a lot of things I could write about, social media's been toxic the past weeks (especially since the election ugh) and it's such a p…
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