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Yay + Nay: Single/Single and Forever Sucks

I'm not much of a TV person, so any show or series I follow are mainly recommended by friends or those I find on the Internet. So when it comes to local series, I really know of none (well, yes, On the Wings of Love but I mainly watched it online). After OTWOL ended last February, I looked for something I could binge watch and something with the same flavor because, you know, we all need a happy pill to get through all this adulting. Haha.

YAY: Single / Single

So in love with this mini-series by Cinema One that is so relatable on so many levels. Single/Single is a romantic comedy show that tackles the lifestyle and struggles of 20-something singles in this crazy, modern and fast-paced world. (#urbansurvivalguide) It's tailor-made for the young Pinoys and frankly, I've never seen anything else that hits so close to home. I don't know how I could emphasize more that it's a reflection of the lives of young professionals in all shapes and sizes right now. It doesn't get more contemporary that this! I truly related to Joee's (Shaina Magdayao) dilemmas on the aspects of career and romance, Joey's (Matteo Guidicelli) "spend like there's no tomorrow but there actually is, so now I am broke" attitude, and Ranee's (Anna Luna) frugality (one of the best points of this show IMO) and passion and obsession with Piolo Pascual (see how insanely I find this relatable? SEEEEEEE?)

I had doubts about Shaina and Matteo's chemistry but I was really impressed. It's like the entire cast is one big barkada in real life with how smooth their dynamic was. They'll be starting their second season this coming Sunday (May 15, 2016), 10:00 PM at Cinema One. Just found out the greatest news that JC Santos will be part of the sophomore season so that's another reason to watch it. If you want to keep up and see the first season muna, go to PhilstarTV.com!

YAY and a little bit NAY: Forever Sucks

I found about Forever Sucks while browsing JC Santos' Instagram account and decided to give it a go. It's a web series made by D5 Studio about a (wait for it!) vampire named Izabel (Jasmine Curtis-Smith) trying to fit in this world by being a call center agent. Before you flip tables, please hold your horses. I know the vampire story line has been used a lot of times to the point of exhaustion, but Forever Sucks had this cute but not overkill vibe that makes it okay. Izabel and TL Tony (JC Santos) are cute to watch, I can't help but break into a smile when they have scenes together (also, his Kit Harington-like hair). I've seen almost all the webisodes (skipped two, I think) and while it's, yes, entertaining to watch when I'm bored, there were some scenes that I felt were cringe worthy and there were some that's unnecessary ('nosebleed' scene while talking to a customer? I thought we're already past this. Hehe.)

I liked the friendship and acceptance side of Forever Sucks, it felt really warm and genuine. But my favorite episode though would be the sixth one because TL Tony damn nailed it. Hahaha.

It's available online, so you'd only need an internet connection to watch this. I truly hope the storyline develops into something more out of the vampire box so people would be more inclined to watch. It's 10 minutes per episode, so yes, take a bite, it's alright. 😊 Watch all 12 episodes here.


And I guess, for me, the greatest bonus to discovering these new shows was more exposure to local music. I've never listened to Never The Strangers before until their song, Sabay, which was featured in Single/Single. I discovered more beautiful tracks from Ourselves the Elves and Reese Lansangan, and fell in love with Rusty Machines' Can't Hardly wait, thanks to Forever Sucks! 😊