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Lucky's Burger & Bar

I always pass by the rows of restaurants inside McKinley Hill coming home from work the past year. And though I lived within the vicinity, I've never tried any of the restos (well, except the usual fast food joints when I have food delivered). Lucky's Burger and Bar always piqued my interest as well as Les Bagels and Planet Grapes. Luckily, the latest foodie meetup I attended for Zomato was held at Lucky's!

I wasn't supposed to go anymore because things that needed to be done concerning our condo that day was waaaay behind schedule already, but Trisha of Zomato was kind enough to extend her hours and wait until I came. (Thank you, Trisha!)

I was met with a few remaining foodies, which stayed a while to have a little chit-chat with Lucky's owner and the marketing peeps of Zomato present that afternoon. There was so much food just for me! ◉_◉ I wasn't prepared for this! Haha!

First up, Lucky Burger. 1/3 chargrilled all beef patty, served with American cheddar cheese, streaky bacon, crisp lettuce, sliced tomato, sliced grilled onions on a bun with Lucky's signature burger dressing. Being named after the restaurant, I was expecting this to be a hit. And it is. This burger is enough reason to pay them a visit. The patty was tender and moist and had that smokey taste. I loved the grilled onion and cheddar cheese in it! Gave that extra oomph in the dimension of flavors. Very tasty and filling. The fries were crispy but nothing too out of the box.

I'm not really a fan of salpicao so I don't know if this was great or not. The chunks of beef were very tender and the dish was super garlicky (which is a plus for me)! I loved the pieces of fried garlic peppered all over the dish. Yum! I just found it a bit weird to be pairing this with bread since everybody I know eats salpicao with rice. (The Beef Salpicao is classified under Starters in their menu so I guess that's the reason.)

UGH. Lucky Bacon Chips! ლ(´ڡ`ლ) One of the best things I've had the pleasure of eating as of late! Hahaha! Already drooling for it as soon as I laid my eyes on that beautiful and sinful grub. It's thin, crispy, crunchy and surprisingly filling! My second favorite out of all the food I had from their menu that day! Although I think it could use a little more flavor, bacon is bacon. I still enjoyed munching on this treat, most especially every time I dunk it into that vinegar dip! Would definitely visit again soon to have this and drinks with friends!

I was able to sample both Aglio e Olio and Creamy Mushroom Truffle Pasta, but since I am more team cream-based when it comes to this staple Italian food, I enjoyed eating the latter more. I thought the pasta was cooked perfectly, not soggy nor undercooked, and the sauce was not too "heavy," which is what I observed with other restaurants -- when the sauce tends to overpower the dish, making it nakakaumay after a few bites. There was that subtle earthy undertone in the flavor, and the shaved parmesan cheese was a nice touch both aesthetically and in taste.

And my el paborito that day: Lucky Chops! I was dead set that the Bacon Chips would be the one that stole my heart, until I sank my teeth on this delicious slab. I've read other reviews that they found this a little tough, but it was perfect for me. It was really savory and well-seasoned, and every bite, it just tasted more and more delicious. I'm not pulling your leg here. It was really how I felt the entire time I was eating it. The chops were of right tenderness, it was juicy and flavorful! And this was the only dish I managed to finish even though I am quite full from tasting all the other food. Would come back for this in a heart beat!

Lucky's Burger & Bar's Brownie Loco was divine! It was served to me warm and fresh! The brownie was decadent, super rich chocolate flavor, contrasted by the melting vanilla ice cream. It had the perfect collision of texture and taste! The brownie had that full bodied cocoa flavor while the vanilla ice cream injects the much needed sweetness to balance everything out. And honestly, eating something hot and cold at the same time was fun! Haha!


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Lucky's Burger & Bar is located at Unit RJ-RJM, G/F 5 Tuscany Estates, Upper Mckinley Road, McKinley Hill, Taguig City
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