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Sisig Society Eastwood

Sisig. My dad loves it -- well, Pinoys, in general, love it. This New York Times article called it "the greatest pork hash on Earth." Heck, even Anthony Bourdain raves about it! Just what is it about this dish that had people wanting more? Originally from Pampanga, this crunchy, tasty specialty has through the years, along with the likes of crispy pata, become a staple viand during family gatherings and of course, drinking sessions. But even though I wouldn't turn down crunchy, greasy food on most days, eating sisig is not at the top of my list.

I don't have issues against eating most animal parts but the texture of the pig's face and ears isn't exactly a favorite, although I have tried delicious authentic ones from Lembest and Gerry's Grill (and Sisig Hooray's as well)! And as with most gastronomic creations, sisig has also evolved. Not exclusive to face and ears anymore, variations such as fish (bangus to be exact), chicken and even tofu sisig now exists.

Chanced upon Sisig Society when we were looking online in advance for a place to eat before watching the movie, Ang Taba Ko Kasi, last month. I know I blabbed a mouthful of about sisig up there but, really, the convincing factor for me was the Eyes Scramble. Hahaha.

I was really impressed with the interiors of their resto! This isn't what first comes to mind when you say a sisig joint, I was expecting more of a Filipino-themed place, but I was happy to be surprised! It's well-lit and it's got the combination of metal and wood so there was a tiny bit of touch of industrial. White walls, mismatched fixtures, lamps made out of different materials and wall murals! My favorite would be the displayed artworks which are a mash-up of foreign icons and something Pinoy: Michael Jackson playing piko (or hopscotch), Albert Einstein snacking on some 'dirty' ice cream, and John Lennon enjoying his videoke session by belting out Freddie Aguilar's Anak. Mad props to the creator of these!

Clockwise starting from the leftmost: Crispy Pork, Bacon & Cheese Pork, Crispy Kare-Kare, another Bacon & Cheese Pork
and Spicy Pork
Sisig Society sets itself apart from most local food chains by being a part of the whole "create-your-own" food revolution. Yes! You get to pick everything from the meat to the sauce to the toppings! But since we had limited time to think about what we're going to eat because we had a film to watch, I settled for their Crispy Pork Sisig. And much to my dismay, there was no Eyes Scramble anymore. I think they switched it to Eyes Scream (in turon and Chocnut flavors).

The Crispy Pork Sisig was so-so. I was expecting it would pack a punch from crispiness but it wasn't even crispy. The food was served on a hot plate but I guess it wasn't hot enough because sisig wasn't 'sizzling' anymore and it didn't manage to cook the egg completely as I was mixing it with the sisig. I liked the Crispy Kare-kare better. But I think it was a bit short on flavor as well.

Food may have fell short but customer service was excellent. Food attendants were really courteous and service was always with a smile. It's the thing I didn't forget about this restaurant, aside from the cute aesthetic. I may have to give Sisig Society another go in the future when I'm in the vicinity and perhaps try their other offerings like the tacos or bagnet and pair it with their lychee mojito. But for now, for all my sisig needs, I'd still go to Sisig Hooray any day.


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Sisig Society is located at Eastwood Citywalk 1, Libis, Quezon City
Operating Hours: Monday to Sundays, 12:00 NN - 2:00 AM
Contact Nos.: 0917 571-1040 / (02) 940-9000
Official Facebook Page