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Favorite Things #34

The days are flying by too fast lately. A lot of things are happening and a lot of events are unfolding before our very eyes. Can't believe we're nearing the middle of the year already! I just came from a 3-day vacation in Pangasinan and will be back to work tonight! I'm ready! Anyway, it's been a while since I did this so I figured to list down some of the little things that make my days a little bit brighter the past few days. 

One. These food finds in a Select gas station convenience store. Ever since we moved offices, we've been eating fast food most days of the week. A colleague recommended the food at Shell's Select a few blocks from work and was surprised to discover these cheap and delicious finds. The desserts (carrot cake and Oreo cheesecake) were great and the coffee was free!

Two. I went to Fujifilm's office in Ortigas a few weeks back. It was just for an interview as their consumer but I was really happy to have step foot in their office. Hahaha! I was really curious! I can't wait for their next Click to Chic photography workshop.

Three. My Taking Back Sunday signed poster finally hung on my bedroom wall. It's an everyday reminder of one of the best days of my life and that nothing is impossible in this life time. The best is always yet to come. Always remember that. :)

Four. Paper Moon Cafe's choux fromage is the best thing ever. Thick cream cheese filling in between crisp pastry! How do you even get over this sweet treat? I can eat this everyday!

Five. Our breakfast during our stay at Alaminos, Pangasinan: fried daing na bangus, Alaminos longganisa, fried sunny side up egg and a cup of rice! Delicious!

Six. I bought a new Instax camera last week! My old one gave up on me a few weeks ago (*sad face*) and it was a good thing I found a cheap deal online for a brand new Instax Wide 210 with a twin packs of films! (Head on to @instaxtic for more Instax packages!)

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