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Arla Cheesy Spread (And How To Win A Trip To Denmark!)

Cheese. Where do I even begin? I've never met anyone who dislikes cheese. I think everyone has this knack of incorporating cheese into basically everything that they eat. Breakfast? Some good ol' grilled cheese sandwich! Lunch? My mom's delicious chicken with cheese! Dinner? Why not a slice of mouthwatering and cheesy gooey lasagna? Cheese, certainly, is a Filipino favorite and it can be found in any Pinoy dining table. But how sure are you that your favorite cheese spread actually is cheese?

I was invited once again to Arla Philippines' launch of their newest offering, the Arla Cheesy Spread. I was really excited because this is something new from Arla that I know would be another family favorite. Since first being introduced to Arla products, I've been a regular consumer of their Arla Milk Goodness Low Fat!

What is real cheese spread?

Simply put, real cheese spread should taste and look as delicious and as creamy as the milk it was made from. After all, the best cheeses are made from milk with utmost quality. So it just makes sense that the amazing dairy farmers at Arla Foods would also be able to make a genuinely delicious real cheese spread like no other in the market.

More often than not, we think that cheese spread should be yellow and thick, much like how a puddle of melted cheddar cheese would look. But unfortunately, just because it reminds you of cheese, doesn't mean it really is.

From the color alone, we can see that Arla Cheesy Spread is different--a very good different. The natural white color is the result of the purity of the cow's milk used and the lack of coloring agents. Its flavor, on the other hand, is a delicate marriage of mild salty and milky tastes, making it easy to pair with practically any food.

This is as natural as we can get, being with each bottle only contains 5 ingredients. And since Arla Cheesy Spread is a real food, it doesn't just deliver on taste and texture, it also holistically nourishes. This cheese spread is the right balance of convenience, taste and nutrition, may it be a plain white bread or as a sauce to a family favorite meal.

Chef Nino Gonzales (with the help of Arla’s Senior General Manager for Philippines, Vietnam & Thailand, Jens Christian Krogh Nielsen) demonstrated to us Arla Cheesy Spread's versatility by preparing for everyone Cheesy Spread Paninis.

So why choose Arla Cheesy Spread?
1. It is made from almost 90% fresh cow's milk.
2. It follows the biggest food trend: naturally functional.
3. Its milk comes from Arla farms that guarantees farm-to-table product traceability.
4. Its high content of milk translates to a natural source of calcium and vitamin A.
5. Arla Milk Goodness is quite simply all the natural goodness, vitamins and minerals of fresh cow's milk.
6. Arla Cheesy Spread only has 5 ingredients.
Arla Cheesy Spread advocates Danica Sotto-Pingris; Rica Peralejo-Bonifacio; Arla Foods Philippines Marketing Director Paolo Serrano; Amanda Griffin-Jacob; Jens Christian Krogh Nielsen; Chef Nino Gonzales; and Chef China Cojuangco

So next time the urge to indulge in cheesy goodness hits, we no longer have to settle for cheese substitute. We can #GetReal and go for the delectable taste of real cheese through Arla Cheese Spread!

Arla will bring one lucky consumer and a companion to Denmark to visit one of the farms where its products are produced through the Fly to Denmark with Arla consumer promotion!

Here are the contest mechanics:
  • The contest will run from May 1 to June 30, 2016. During this time, every PhP 500 worth of Arla Food products (Milk Goodness, Cheese Slices, Cream Cheese and Cheesy Spread) purchased from supermarkets nationwide entitles customers to one (1) raffle entry.
  • To join, customers should take a clear photo of the receipt containing the purchased Arla products and send it to the Arla Philippines’ Facebook page via private message along with their name, address, telephone/mobile number, and e-mail address. Aside from the digital photo of the receipt, participants should also keep the physical copy of the receipt and photocopy it in case the receipt is thermal. These will serve as proofs of purchase just in case the participant wins.
  • Arla will then send participants a “receiving” e-mail that includes their raffle code randomly generated using an online generator.
  • Participants can send in as many entries as they want.
The grand draw will be held at Arla Foods Philippines’ office on July 15, while the winner will be announced on Arla’s social media accounts on July 22. The winner will also be contacted by a representative from Arla through e-mail. 

The winner will receive a five days/four nights all-expense paid trip for two (2) to Denmark to be held from August 20-24, 2016. The winner should have a valid passport. The costs for visa application will be shouldered by the winner.

During the Denmark trip, the winners will get the chance to visit the dairy farmers who are the bosses of Arla Foods, and visit the Arla factory where the Arla Cheesy Spread is produced as well as Arla’s headquarters in Viby. One free day will also be allotted for the winner to go around. 

The trip is also meant to emphasize and show how Arla prides itself for producing quality, all-natural dairy products for over 100 years, with milk coming straight from its network of farmer-owned Arla farms across Northern Europe. One of the most innovative dairy specialists in the world, Arla follows a quality assurance program called the ArlagÄrden to ensure that milk is produced with utmost care and is of high quality.


For more information on Arla Foods and the Fly to Denmark with Arla consumer promotion, please visit www.arla.ph or follow Arla Philippines on Facebook and @arla_ph on Instagram.