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Weekend Movies #13

It's been months since I last did this because work became too hectic once again! I was finally able to catch up and I've just finished my 31st film for the year. Anyhoo, here are some that I've seen recently. It's been a while since I went to the cinema to watch movies! haha!

1. Paper Towns. Maybe I've just gotten too old for this. Coming of age story of a boy who falls in love with his manic pixie girl once best friend turned stranger. What a cliche. The story is so bland and the leads doesn't have any chemistry. It felt too forced. I don't know why they keep making films like this. Even Quentin's friends' characters are so shallow and annoying. There were a lot of things that didn't make sense to me and Margo's actions are so not believable in real life. I like Nat Wolff but this film is just ugh. Cara Delevingne was okay. Maybe teenagers will appreciate this, but yeah, I'm way, WAAAAY past that.

2. Irrational Man. Put a middle-aged alcoholic professor with an existential crisis and a wide-eyed college undergraduate together, of course, it'll end up in an affair. Though, to be honest, this story line resonated with me. Hahaha. Another movie in which I found the leads to have this disconnect when they should be 'in love.' Joaquin Phoenix and Emma Stone are fine actors on their own but I can't feel any connection between them. If you manage to get through half of the film, it actually turns good. Almost all of the characters are selfish, especially Abe (Phoenix), doing something stupid out of an existential epiphany. My favorite in this film is Parker Posey, she was great. And I wished there was more of Jamie Blackley.

3. Sicario. Absolutely riveting and suspenseful. That scene at the bridge, gahd, that was so good. Every minute is so intense and I loved Emily Blunt's bad ass but naive character. I love how she can change from totally brutal to shaken to her core. *clap clap clap* The film never loses tension, the director somehow learned to control it. Then boom, a punch filled with adrenaline that takes you to the edge of your seat. Both Josh Brolin and Benicio del Toro's characters were unapologetic and ruthless. They nailed it. I really enjoyed this film!

4. The Intern. It was a charming, sweet movie that touched me because both my parents are retired now, just like Robert De Niro's character. And surprisingly, De Niro and Anne Hathaway had that chemistry without this film being romantic! I love the fact that they managed to cover so many aspects of our life and discuss real problems that people deal with career-wise. I kept putting off watching this movie because I honestly thought it would bore me but I was very wrong, fortunately. What a heart-warming film.

5. Ang Taba Ko Kasi. I think this movie is still screened somewhere so I'm going to keep it short just in case you still go and prefer to watch it on the big screen. It's pretty obvious that the story revolves around Olga's (Cai Cortez) dilemmas about being overweight and then develops into a love triangle plot between her good looking swimming instructor and her new found jogging friend who definitely understands all her pains regarding losing weight. I found the film really funny, to the point we were laughing out loud inside the cinema, without being tacky. The film has depth (tackles obesity in this time and age, and a bit on self-acceptance), but I have to admit there are some parts that felt undercooked and needed more fleshing out.

6. Sakaling Hindi Makarating. Cielo's (Alessandra de Rossi) eat-pray-love journey was triggered by her breakup with her 11 year-relationship and then started receiving these beautiful hand-painted postcards from someone named "M." I think we're all too familiar with this heartbroken, will travel type of films. What I loved about SHM was that, one, there were no hugot scenes. (Thank God! It was fun the first few times, but seriously, we need to be over that already.) Two, its aim to direct attention to the art of letter writing as a means of communication. And lastly, the cinematography of Cielo's travels. (I may have blurted "Ang ganda!" so many times while watching.) It's an inspiration to people who would want to just, one day, get up and leave to discover the beauty of this country, just to have some temporary escape. It teaches you that there is indeed more to life than you could ever imagine (so true), there are colorful people you're yet to meet, that things always turns out for the better, and ultimately, it's the journey, not the destination