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Summer Fresh: Caronia's Popsicle Collection 2016

When it comes to nail polish and nail care, Caronia's pretty much the majority of Filipino's go-to brand for generations now, you know, like how Colgate is synonymous to toothpaste. I still remember their TVC jingle, complete with the 4 women clad in colorful head-to-toe tights dancing while surrounded with nail polish bottles. All together now: "Your beauty shines with Caronia!" 

I received an invite for Caronia's launch of their newest collection, and I was pleased with how youthful and vibrant the new colors are. Very summer-ready! The event was held in Romulo Cafe in Jupiter Street in Makati, which was set-up in sort of a slumber party for us bloggers. (I thought the black and white theme of the restaurant was perfect since the colors popped out more!) It was complete with a mani-pedi corner, cocktails, refreshing popsicles, a booth of Genevieve Gozum clothing, a candy/sweets buffet and even a cotton candy stand!

So colorful, right? Janeena Chan hosted the event, and Shaira Mae, Caronia's brand ambassador and it girl, was also at the event. She was super cute and bubbly!

And here's Caronia's Popsicle Collection 2016:

Try Brain Freeze for a more mysterious yet alluring aura. It's a pale blue shade in matte finish that just draws attention to your fingertips. For beach parties or when you simply want to brighten up your day, choose the Tequila Sunrise, a subdued red orange shade with a matte finish. Peach Perfect is perfect for a fresh, natural look. It's a nude shade with a slight hint of pink for a rosy look. And to achieve a vibrant, fun color, it's best to put on the Lemon Cool nail polish. We call this the "happy yellow" shade with a slightly glossy finish.

So what are you waiting for? Dip your fingers in these fresh, fantastic shades from Caronia for a hipper, more colorful summer!


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