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2029: A Playlist

Hello! I realized it's been months since I've made a proper playlist for my blog. Well, there just wasn't enough new music to listen to in the latter part of 2015. But this year was different! Whenever I hear a new tune that catches my attention (and there've been a lot), I jot down as much audible lyrics as possible so I can Google it or right away Shazam it (if I have decent signal which is like only 60% of the time). It's crazy how there's an abundance of great music out there just waiting to be discovered. Sometimes, I even feel super giddy when I find one that perfectly encapsulates how I feel, and it's like my best kept secret in the world. Do you ever feel that? Actually, there's a commonality to all these songs that's why I was able to compile them into this list. 😊

Anyway, here's my mix for the month of March! I was supposed to upload it to 8tracks (like what I've been doing for the longest time) but getting copies of all 24 songs is such a pain, and turns out, Spotify is much more convenient. Haha!

Hope you enjoy the mix!

(Original background image from here.)