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Pins & Bricks Pizza Bistro Ortigas

Our January "rare impromptu Saturday lunch" place pick was Pins and Bricks Pizza Bistro in Ortigas. I was with a couple of my friends from work: Jom, Terr, Farn, and her husband, Arvie. (Fifth wheelin' like a pro!) Filed under 'rare' and 'impromptu' because Farn doesn't usually join us for eat outs after our shift (totally understandable #motherduties) so her initiating this out of the blue is kind of a big deal. Hahaha. Of course, we looked them up before settling for it to be our final choice. The factors considered: a) near our office, b) they had board and card games and c) this.

If you're not from around the area, you'd easily miss Pins & Bricks. I've been working in Ortigas for almost 4 years now and I didn't even know Pearl Drive that much. You could navigate your way going there using Waze though.

The interiors gave off that hip but relaxed feel (or maybe because we were the only ones there?), kinda encourages you to just kick back and relax with your friends. The combination of wooden panels all over and the brick walls makes it more homey and cozy. We placed our orders as soon as we got there, and they were upfront which of the items in their menu wasn't available yet because they were still waiting for deliveries. (Though I couldn't imagine why that would be the case on a Saturday, a supposed busy day of the week for restaurants.)

This is my favorite. A wall of Instax photos of their customers just above the condiments section!
Your pizza crust will be made on the spot after you order. Yay! Fresh pizza crust!
On the table:

Family-sized Meaty Carousel (PhP 515)
Grilled Cheese with Bacon sandwich (PhP 125 each)
Let me just say that that photo of the pizza doesn't really do justice how big the pizza really is. It's big. Bigger than how it appears in that photo above. And it was delicious. (Sometimes, I cannot figure out how I survived blogging about food because I don't know how I managed to squeeze out so many synonyms to 'delicious.' Hahaha. Anyway, back to the pizza.) Loved the fact that they didn't scrimp on toppings! *bacon bacon bacon* The pizza was really loaded with meat and cheese -- everything. And I thought the thinness of the crust was just perfect. I was actually surprised with how satisfied I am with their food. 

Also, let's talk about that grilled cheese sandwich with bacon. It's not just with bacon, you see. Since their menu didn't have any pictures, the following shall most likely be assumed by a customer: The sandwich will have bacon bits in it or 2-3 crunchy strips in between. BUT NO. NOPE! THE SANDWICH WAS INTRICATELY AND COMPLETELY WRAPPED IN BACON, PPL! (Like a bacon mummy grilled cheese sandwich! Hahaha!) Here's a closer look:

Hi, Terr and Jom, and that heart attack on a plate. LOL.
Of course, I already knew that. Hahaha. And of course, I finished the entire sandwich. And it was really, really, really good. I was quite confused lang with their desserts. They serve pizza, pasta, sandwiches, the likes, but when it comes to their desserts, they offer halo-halo and mais con yelo. I was expecting something like a banana split sundae. Can someone enlighten me?

But the twist in their desserts aside, overall, Pins & Bricks' food was an unexpectedly good discovery. Their food was simple and straightforward, and I was thinking that with the prices they offer their grub, it would be just okay, just somewhere in the middle. But I was surprised when they truly delivered. I thought everything we had was wonderful and filling. Plus points for their freshly made and served pizza crust! 

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Pins & Bricks Pizza Bistro is located at 2nd Floor, 8101 Pearl Plaza, Pearl Drive, Ortigas, Pasig City
Operating Hours: Mondays - Saturdays, 10:00 AM - 9:00 PM
Contact Nos.: +63 (906) 318-8877 / +63 (923) 980-3173 (Table reservations are recommended during Saturdays)
Official Facebook Page
@pinsandbricks at Instagram