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Wander and Wonder: My 2015 in Music

I lie here in bed still thinking how to start this post which, by the way, is nowhere near the usual year-enders I make. I normally have year-end recap blog posts to relive the year that was and be thankful for all the wonderful things but I've decided to stop doing that since last year. Next year na lang ulit siguro. 

For 2015, I thought letting interested folks have a peek at what I mostly listen/ed to this year (thanks for the idea, Spotify!) To be honest, I'm more of a movie than a music person. It's because when I find a great song, I never stop listening to it. Ever. It's easy peasy for me to watch films that I have no idea about than allowing a new album to occupy precious MBs in my phone or my laptop. (That's also the reason why I love soundtracks, especially of my favorite films! I get to discover the best kind of music!)

This is one of the most unforgettable years of my life. I thought 2012 was the greatest year there is, and I was proven wrong. 2015 was an odd mix of adrenaline rushes from exhilaration and euphoria and distress but it was every bit worth the emotional roller coaster ride. It felt so damn good to be alive.

So here are the top 10 albums that I listened to this year. Dig in!

I first chanced upon Kodaline's All I Want from a certain blogger's playlist (still trying to remember who, but I know I picked this track up from blog hopping) and heard it again when I watched a previous episode of Grey's Anatomy. I really liked the song so I obtained a copy of their entire album. Let's just say I fell in love with all of their songs and was listening to it non-stop for the first part of this year. Every song in this album gives me the feels and sometimes, you get that feeling that the song was written for you, you know? And their music videos. Ugh. Kills me every time. Watch this performance by the band in Paris. So good.

Favorite track/s: One Day, High Hopes, Way Back When

I was not the greatest Alexisonfire fan back in the days of post hardcore but Dallas Green's Little Hell was one of my best musical discoveries this year. I love how the emotion is almost palpable through Green's voice, so raw and sad at the same time. I had my share of anxieties because of some issues I had this year and this was the album I listened to during those times. I always start with Little Hell and make the last track We Found Each Other in the Dark.

Favorite track/s: Little Hell, We Found Each Other in the Dark, Northern Wind, Oh Sister

Last year, Radiohead's In Rainbows was my go-to music during sleepless nights. I wallowed in the beautiful and heart-wrenching first two lines of House of Cards: I don't wanna be your friend / I just want to be your lover, and drowned myself in longing while listening to All I Need. I guess that album paved the way for my greater love for this band. Of course, we all know Radiohead because of their hits like Creep, Fake Plastic Trees, High and Dry, Karma Police, etc., but I've never really listened to them as much before save for those tracks. Pablo Honey was released more than two decades ago but I still find myself constantly looking for this album during those weekends when I have too much in my mind and a lot of time to think.

Favorite track/s: Thinking About You, I Can't

Oddly, I listen to this album when I shower and prepare myself before going to work most days of the week. This is another oldie that I overlooked until this year. I always found the order of songs perfect, like a well-thought story that you would enjoy from start to finish. There's a song that's about something as broad as my generation's general indifference to some global issues (Waiting for the World to Change), that feeling we all got about time seems to speed up and you miss things with a blink of an eye (Stop This Train) and of course, the woes of the heart (Dreaming with a Broken Heart).

Favorite track/s: Stop This Train, Slowdancing in a Burning Room, In Repair <3

I admit that I'm one of those people that only knew CRJ because of her overplayed hit, Call Me Maybe. And I thought that's it: she's a one-hit wonder. Then some people I follow on Twitter kept raving about her latest album, which was released later this year. I got really intrigued and decided to listen to the entire album through Spotify. Surprisingly, there were no Call Me Maybe Part 2 kind of songs. Everything is so refreshing and damn infectious. After the album's first track, Runaway With Me, I was sucked into the whole Carly Rae Jepsen addiction. The 80's pop vibe's super fun and enjoyable, you just want to dance like no one's watching. Everything in this album actually makes me feel young and happy and carefree.

Favorite track/s: All

I guess seeing James Reid play the too-perfect-to-be-real Clark Medina and bad boys Cross Sanford and Top Pendleton isn't enough (PSHR is my least liked film of Jadine lol) because one day, I found myself Google-ing for his music. It was supposed to be a one time thing, I just wanted to see if he's really good as everyone was claiming, but Reid Alert turned out to be my third most listened to album this year according to Spotify. Hahaha. All songs actually have the same format: mixture of English and Tagalog lyrics with the usual pop beat, but, IDK, the album's just too damn enjoyable. I can't stop myself from listening to it! This was my perk me up when I'm stressed from editing. Works every freaking time!

Favorite track/s:  All

First learned about this four-piece through Petersen Vargas, whom I've been following for a while now. Geography Lessons is the soundtrack for Petersen's short film, Lisyun Qng Geografia. Unfortunately, I've not yet seen Petersen's film but managed to listen to its soundtrack. Ourselves The Elves' songs make me feel like I'm melting and all gooey inside. Very nostalgic and dreamy, like something out of a Sofia Coppola film. Go to their Bandcamp or Spotify account to see hear what I'm talking about. Looking forward to their full length record!

Favorite Track/s: Cincinnati Clocks

I had certain expectations with being their latest album (released August of this year) titled Kintsugi. I have seen this term floating around for quite a while so I did have a grasp of what the album's feel would be. Then add the fact that Ben got divorced from Zooey and Chris left the band. For me, DCFC did not disappoint with this one. Sure, it was no Transatlanticism or Plans or Give Up (God, I miss The Postal Service so much), but it was d e f i n i t e l y a Death Cab For Cutie album. With everything that the band and Ben has been through, they did one hell of a good job producing this kind of album. Excited to see them this March on Wanderland!

Favorite Track/s: No Room in Frame, El Dorado, Black Sun, Binary Sea

I will never get tired of listening to their albums. Yes, I listen to both albums every chance I get (in succession -- the self-titled album first then Barton Hollow because I like to start with the sadder one haha). It's like the default music I listen to wherever I go and whatever I am doing (be it going to the beach, commuting to and from work, music before I sleep, music after I wake up -- just basically when I want to listen to music). My fascination with this duo, I think, will know no bounds as every time I listen to their albums, it feels like the first time.

Favorite Track/s: Every single one on both albums. But okay, Eavesdrop and D'Arline from the sophomore album and Falling, To Whom It May Concern, Poison & Wine, C'est la Mort from Barton Hollow

That wraps it! I realized it's harder to do something like this than the traditional year-end recaps. Hahaha. I hope everyone's having a great 1st of January! This year is going to be amazing! :)