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Visual Poetry by Anatol Knotek

After seeing The Jealous Curator's feature of Anatol Knotek's works, it surely left an impression on me. More than images, I like words and the art that come with it, and with Knotek's creations, it is an intricate and delicate mix of the two. And his ability to turn words and languages into something tangible is an incredible feat.

Originally interested more in classical fine arts and painting, Anatol Knotek, from Vienna, Austria, his fascination with visual poetry after an encounter with an Austrian artist made him shift gears towards it more than a decade ago. Most of his works are as simple and as minimal as it can get but always with a loud, unmistakable meaning. He has a clever way of arranging and shaping phrases (scratch, burn, fade, bleed, among others), words and letters, making them malleable enough for him to create a whole new meaning. Some you get right off the bat, some may need more time than usual to fully comprehend. Some are heavy and some are humorous. He was able to inject human experience into the typefaces.

I'm really glad to have stumbled upon his art. This is one of the few works I truly appreciate and find inspiring.

You can see more of Anatol Knotek's art in his Tumblr account and official website.

(All images property of Anatol Knotek.)