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Dreamland Arts & Crafts Cafe Tagaytay

This past holiday vacation I had certainly was one of the most worthwhile breaks I've had for quite a while. Although I never went on any out of town trips, I was able to explore the gastronomic side of Cavite with my friends, among other places. This just goes to show that somehow, the culture of good food is very much alive in this side of town. 

For the first Sunday of this month, we decided to go to Tagaytay to hear mass at Pink Sisters' Convent. Of course, making the most out of the trip would be to dine somewhere new! We had a few options: Bag of Beans, Pamana, the string of restos in Magallanes, and this certain cafe that we've never been to: Dreamland Arts & Crafts Cafe + Bed & Breakfast. Cy read about them on a friend's Facebook post and she recommended we go there. I saw photos online as well and was really excited to see the place!

We ended having brunch at Bag of Beans (the one in Olivarez) but since we have all afternoon to unwind, we decided to look for Dreamland, and luckily, it was a stone's throw away from the Olivarez Rotonda.

Dreamland Arts & Crafts Cafe by @indiegreenculture

What lovely and festive interiors they have! There were dreamcatchers everywhere and of every size and color! It was an arts and crafts heaven indeed! There were available dreamcatcher kits, pens and stationery, adult coloring books, temporary silver and gold sticker tattoos, yarns, bags, rings, thrifted ponchos and boots, everything artsy and kitschy you could imagine! I love the vintage suitcases where most of the items were placed, too bad those were not for sale. We spent a good ~20 minutes just looking around at all the trinkets.

The walls are filled with inspirational quotes, pastel colors, more dream catchers, all in a sort of organized clutter kind of way. The chairs are so pretty to, they still made it to resemble dreamcatchers. Very creative!

Dreamland Arts & Crafts Cafe is also a no WiFi zone. As what I've read at their entrance: "Disconnect to connect!" I think we're all guilty about this at one point. We often times meet with friends or hangout with our families at coffee shops or restaurants, but we stay glued to our mobile phones, browsing our social media accounts and totally missing the point of spending time and interacting with other people.

They also have a sort of 'second storey' (following the format of most Korean cafes I've been to) so they get to maximize the space, which means more seating for customers. If there's a choice, sitting on the floor (technically) is something I wouldn't prefer. But the aesthetic of Dreamland is so consistent all throughout, it's hard not to lie down and stare at the pretty colors of the pashmina draping the ceiling and the blinking Christmas lights.

Since we're still full from our meal, we only sampled their cold drink offerings:

Nutty Avocado Frappe (PhP 180) / Ubenana (PhP 180) / Mocha Locca (PhP 180)
The Ubenana was a hit! Cy and Pabs absolutely loved it. On the other hand, the Nutty Avocado Frappe, although refreshing, was more milky than nutty. The avocado taste was really faint. We also had crispy mojos for snacks which were really flavorful and yummy.

Our first trip to Dreamland Arts & Crafts Cafe was a feast for our eyes. We will definitely come back to try their healthy food. I have great respect for local spots like this! There's just so much character and story in it. I could just imagine the time, effort and resources it took to produce this much dreamcatchers to decor the place, same goes for the pashmina! That must be quite a collection. I love that people from Indie Green Culture promotes and is passionate about arts and healthy living. If you're in Tagaytay and is looking for something fresh and inspiring, you might want to try this place. The crafter (and dreamer, if I may say) in you will definitely love it! Nothing but good times at this dream land!

PS. They also offer bed and breakfast at cheap rates!

Dreamland Arts & Crafts Cafe + Bed & Breakfast is located at Purok 157 Brgy. San Jose, Tagaytay City Proper, Tagaytay
Operating Hours: Open 24/7 ❤️ ❤️ ❤️
Contact Nos.: +63916 649-8271 / +63927 156-3319 / (043) 404-9787