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Weekend At Binoclutan, Zambales

I spent the last weekend of November with Muffet, Burn and Bell at Zambales to celebrate Muffet's birthday. We were really looking forward to it because it's been quite a while since we hit the beach -- actually, it's been a while since we went out of town. You know that laid back feeling on a weekend where you just wander along the shore line and enjoy the breeze? Totally miss that. It was a decision between La Union, Zambales and the south favorite, Batangas. But in the end, obviously, Zambales was our pick.

It was one of the best R&Rs I've had in a long while -- no scheduled group activities, just surrounded by friends, the sea, the stars and all the wonderful and funny conversations we had was the sort of pause button I needed in these fast-paced times. Here's a few random photos from the trip (I bought a new camera which I should be familiarizing myself with but I just wanted to enjoy the moment, so I was so lazy taking shots. Next time, I promise!) that I hope you'd enjoy:

We had reservations at Rama International Beach Resort which is located at Binoclutan, Botolan in Zambales. It's a good 15 to 20 minutes from San Felipe, where the likes of Crystal Beach is located. We just had a quick super late lunch (we arrived around 4:00 PM) at the resort's restaurant then watched this beautiful sunset.

We were up early the next day! Spotted lolo just standing by the shore, looking at the water and the waves and may be in deep awe (I would assume) of the ocean. I know we were!

A few minutes of morning conversations and just staring at the horizon before dipping our feet in.

Rama's porksilog. For the 3 days we stayed there, we mainly had this or lechon kawali (I highly recommend this haha), sweet and sour pork, adobo and chopsuey, I think. If you're staying at Rama, don't forget to order their buko pandan and ube shake! It was fantastic! Tastes like ice cream! 

That's me at the leftmost! Haha! Photo by Muffet Sta. Maria

One of the best things about this place (besides the fact that they have awesome customer service and staff!) is that there's not too many people around. There were times that we were the only ones in the beach! We've been told that they're actually almost fully booked, but I guess since the resort's really big, it could fit a lot of groups without appearing to be crowded.

A lazy afternoon where we just hung out outside our room, mostly goofing around and talking about every topic we could think of because it's too hot to swim. We also watched films at night before going to sleep! (Yay! We were able to do two of our favorite things!)

The beautiful hues of the sky just right before the moon appeared. So therapeutic. Does anybody ever get used to this? It's like magic when the blue skies slowly have a hint of periwinkle until everything turns tangerine, then finally, the stars appear. Can't help but think about the time when I'll be finally retiring and hopefully, I'll have a property near the beach. God, that would be perfect. 

Rama had a bonfire around 8:30 PM that Sunday night. We have no idea about this so we didn't have marshmallows with us. So yeah, no making s'mores by the shoreline (*wink*) There were kids that were attempting to roast their mallows but their sticks were too short. LOL. We just sat there while listening and singing along to 90's alternative tunes instead. <3

Time to go! There's this 400-meter pathway that you have to traverse from where the bus will drop you off to the resort (or in the case of this photo, from the resort). It was a hot afternoon and by the time we got to the resort's entrance, I was all sweaty and icky. Hahaha. It didn't help, too, that I was wearing black. LOL.

Rural sights. We saw this while waiting for a bus along the highway. Twenty years ago, this would be a common thing to see in Cavite, but it's a whole new world out here now. Cavite is mostly traffic and congestion (too many subdivisions) and floods. It was really nice to be away from both home and work and have a change of scenery even if it's just a few days.

That's it! I know there's not much photos, so I'm challenging myself to take better ones next time (haha). I guess this is my last trip for 2015. But I'm still hoping there would be impromptu ones before this twelvemonth comes to a close. That would be a splendid way to exit the year! :)

Cheers to more getaways with friends!