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Original image from The Artisan Clothing's Facebook page.
One. Have you seen Game of Throne's Season 6 teaser video? I was honestly quite bummed about it because they didn't actually do a lot of teasing. The showed a bunch of the most depressing scenes in the last 5 seasons. There was also a released official poster with Jon Snow in it but IDK, D&D have broken so many hearts before so I don't really know what to expect. But it did lead me to think about the appearance (finally?) of Lady Stone Heart since they showed the clip of Catelyn Stark's throat being slit. Then there's that scene when Bran says, "They have no idea what's going to happen." shortly following the scene where Jon was bleeding out. Yes, Bran, we're really clueless here! Anyway, totally not the point of this post as I'm going to share this cool video I found of the first and last shots (meaning first introduction and deaths) of GoT characters.

Two. Have you heard of Le CiNeMa Club? Cinephiles will absolutely love it. You're welcome.

Three. Artparasites' current layout turned them into this Thought Catalog/Elite Daily type of wesbite but I appreciated this article so much.

Four. It's been 35 years since John Lennon died. So click here to see his quirky illustrations about his vibrant life.

Five. John Nolan is me in his latest video, American Nightclub 1999, which is off of his solo album titled Sad, Strange, Beautiful Dream. I totally forget most of the time that John is such an excellent singer, it's always because I get blinded by Adam Lazzara's beautiful hair. LOL. This track is so good!

Hi. I'm having so much fun in the club. - John Nolan
Six. Here are some MS-DOS games that you can now play on your browser! Very, very nice and thank you, Internet Archive! How technology has changed throughout the years! I remember playing Ski Free during our computer classes during grade school! (I don't know if that's an MS-DOS game though lol) Remember the abominable snow monster? Hahaha!

Seven. I've read about The Artisan before on Saab Magalona's blog when they released their seventh collection. Just recently, they launched their eighth one, which is fittingly titled I think about you but I don't say it anymore. The latest collection features a t-shirt, cut-off sweats and a flour sack strapped jacket. I loved the words included in the lookbook! So much feels for this set. But my favorite part would be the videos! There are actually 6 parts to it. But this one, where 5 guys were silently screaming, speaks volumes.