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Friday's 10 Happy Things #7

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There's something about this week that made it seem longer than usual. I guess it's because I know this will be my last week at work and I'm just dying for it to end. I dragged my feet to work the past few days (didn't help that there was a typhoon) and even had committed a boo-boo last night. Hahaha. I'll just have to deal with it next month! (Next month, it just feels so good saying that! LOL.) Despite all of those things, of course, here are a couple of reasons why this week was wicked:

1. <fangirling> I had my signed Taking Back Sunday Live in Manila poster framed and we were able to get it earlier this week! This vacation, I'm planning to do some decorating in my room here at home in Cavite since it's just bare -- white walls, black floor, cabinets and my bed. </fangirling>

2. Telling a complete stranger your secret. No judgments. Such a relief.

3. I'm all set to attend next year's Wanderland! From the looks of it, I'll probably be alone, but if any of you there's going, I would love to meet up! :)

4. Hirunaka no Ryuusei 6 Years Later translated manga. BEEN WAITING FOR THIS! I would've loved for Shishio and Suzume to end up together but Suzume and Mamura are just too damn cute as well. *hearts all around*

5. One-Punch Man and Psycho-Pass! I'm still waiting for OPM's latest episode, so I'm catching up with Psycho-Pass. I haven't seen any anime of this genre lately but everything about this show is really funny! Saitama and all his reactions crack me up every time! Psycho-Pass reminds me of True Detective so much. I love the setting, the music, the story line, even the opening credits! Now that I've got time to watch shows and anime, I'm juggling everything!

6. Survivor Second Chance. All the scheming and blind-side vote offs are so addicting. I'm just happy that Abi-Maria's out. (I know she's probably a sweetheart in real life but I can't stand here when she was still in the island!)

7. Crazy Ex-Girlfriend. Apart from all the singing (which I find tolerable naman), this show is so good! Add the fact that there are Filipino characters, too!

8. Spending time with the best friend! She's about to pop real soon and we just can't wait to meet her little panda, Jaden! Yay!

9. Luck seems to be on my side this year because I won the grand prize in our company's Christmas party! A 40-inch Samsung LED TV! Merry Christmas to me! Hahaha!

10. At long last, I was able to watch the movie The Lobster by Yorgos Lanthimos! Will be writing something about it next week! :)

I'm going to kick off this vacation by just staying in bed all day, surfing the net and watching all the shows I want! This weather just makes it hard to get up and move! How are you spending your Christmas vacation? Hope you enjoy your weekend despite of the rain! :)

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