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Favorite Things #33: My Favorite Instagram Accounts

I remember when I first started using Instagram back in '13, it was just basically where I dump photos in square form. There was no VSCO or Afterlight yet and everyone made use of Instagram's own filters (Rise and Valencia were my preferred ones) and no one really cared how crappy your photos were. It could go from places to faces to something super random in the most weird angles and the lowest of low resolutions.

But now the game has changed. People prefer to 'curate' their feeds to best represent their aesthetic and somehow show their brand. It's all good because, of course, you'd want to 'follow' someone who always posts something that's pretty and creative, right? Instagram became much more than an online photo album. Nowadays, people actually earn money from posting photos. Everyone certainly upped the ante. #flatlay #feedgoals

We all like wasting time looking at our phones, scrolling through feeds, might as well make it worth our time, right? I love those accounts that offer fresh ideas amid the sea of generic accounts that look like the same thing. Something that encourages me to start something new and creative as well. I don't know if I can ever have the same dedication and inventiveness as some of these people but every once in a while, the inspiration does rub off on me!

From her snapshot of random finds to her vegetarian recipes and veggies she manages to grow in her backyard, her cute sons and family photos, beautiful thrift store discoveries and occasional 'hacked' photos by her husband (and Taking Back Sunday frontman, ICYDK), Adam, Misha's feed is one of my favorites! She's one super momma! I also love most of her photo captions and sometimes take inspiration from it. So positive and inspiring. :)

Brock Davis' photos are the combination of a child's imagination and the dexterity of an adult. I'm really impressed on how he's able to transform one thing into another! So cute, funny and quirky. And it's not even unconventional things! These are basically everyday objects -- predominantly food. It just goes to show how people have different perspectives! 

I am in love with words -- and even more in love with written words. I think a person's penmanship says a lot about his/her personality. Writings are more intimate and personalized, it's like sharing a part of yourself to the world. There's a certain kind of drama and flair in the way Tania Debono scribbles the words, it's not hard to feel something about it.

Gahd. This account is flatlay and color-coded arrangement paradise! Emily Blincoe's photos never fail to have that soothing effect on me, at the same time, all photos are a joy to look at because it's fun! She definitely has the eye for color. Imagine painstakingly collecting and arranging little things for each photo. If you love dogs (like me!), you'll love her snaps of her dog, Eleonor, too!

As much as I love black, white and grey, it doesn't change the fact that I love pops of color as well. Jesuso Ortiz's account combines minimalism (*heart* *heart*), a play on colors and shapes. His uploads really never fail to make me smile.

This doesn't need much explanation. Hahaha. God bless the person who made this account.

That's it! How about you? What makes you 'follow' an Instagram account? Do you have any Instagram accounts that you can suggest? :)