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Drift Off: A Playlist

There's so much happening right now that sometimes, I can't help but freak out. No, not the full-on going berserk mode, but more of the, "Hey, let me take a moment to stare into space so I could fully digest all the things you're telling me right now." kind. The last week of October up until mid-November will keep me preoccupied once again because of our current workload, add the fact that my schedule got pushed later by an hour because of DST. I have so much emotions for all the things that's going on with my friends, I can't totally wrap my head around all the new information.

I found this mix at Rookie Mag, which had a couple of my favorite artists in it, and thought of sharing it with everyone (aka I have no time to make my own playlist *sad face*) I've been listening to it for a few days now (especially before going to sleep) because I've been needing a little bit of quiet time, just to slow down and breathe. Lately, I can't help but ask, "How do I adult?"

Album and playlist illustration by Lucy Betz.