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Are You Vitamin D Deficient?

When I received the invite for BioBalance Insititute's "D"-coding, the first thing that came to mind was "There's actually a condition such as Vitamin D deficiency?" For us Filipinos that live in a tropical country, you would think that we are far from having insufficient sun exposure -- which we all know enhances the absorption of calcium, but a local research shows that 70% of Filipinos are actually low on the D. And for me, Vitamin D is one of those that I admit I have very limited knowledge on.

BioBalance Institute is the first ever established wellness center that focuses on this concept: balance the borderline deficiencies and subtle toxicities in nutrients, toxins, enzymes, hormones, cells, and other bioactive agents found in the body, also known as Health Optimization Medicine or HOMe. These "borderline deficiencies and subtle toxicities of nutrients" are first measured through comprehensive testing, then a bespoke food and supplement protocol is carefully crafted to return you to optimal nutrient balance. Each body has a unique nutrient and metabolic profile, so your optimal levels will be different from others. Increased energy, resistance to disease, and overall vitality are but a few of the benefits of being in optimal health.

People visiting BioBalance will be welcomed by beautiful, cozy interiors (way far from the clinical atmosphere of most hospitals and doctors' offices) and their warm staff. You will feel more at ease exponentially! Prior to Dr. Stan Chua's discussion about Vitamin D and the test, I had the InBody Test (lower left photo). This exam basically breaks down one's body composition and in turn, tracks your progress to staying fit and healthy. The analysis is extensive. By just standing on the machine and holding on to the hand poles, I was given different results regarding my segmental fat, muscle and fat ratio, obesity, metabolic rate, visceral fat level and some other things. I wish the results were what I wanted to hear but I know for a fact that I have some working out to do!

Why should we consciously make everyday a Vitamin D day?

  • Deficiency in Vitamin D may cause low energy, including depression and chronic fatigue. How is it the culprit? "Vitamin D has many physiological effects and affects the function of many organs." according to Dr. Michael F. Hollick, PhD, MD, professor of Medicine at Boston University and Vitamin D expert.
  • It is a widely known fact that lack of the D leads to osteoporosis. However, in more recent studies, low levels of Vitamin D is also linked to life-threatening diseases like diabetes, Alzheimer's and even cancer. This is because Vitamin D has been discovered to affect the brain through our nerves, the heart muscles and even our bodies' absorption of nutrients. 
  • Getting your dose of D is absolutely free! But don't forget to take not of the different factors that affect how much Vitamin D we can optimize from the sun: time of the day (midday is best), distance from the equator (the nearer, the better), skin complexion (darker skin needs more exposure), and amount of skin exposed (more skin, please!)
  • If you need it, do something about it. Proper testing of your Vitamin D levels will go a long way. Awareness, in fact, is the first step in becoming healthy. Through the recent scientific breakthroughs, like the latest Test4D, you can harness the power of Vitamin D in your life. Don't forget to get tested at least every 6 months.

So am I Vitamin D deficient?

Yep, I am.
But this came as no surprise since I have been in the graveyard shift for 4 years or so. The only time I have a good 15-minute stroll under the midday sun is when I'm on vacation. I'm indoors for the most of daytime. Glad to have took this test as I was able to reassess and address which nutrients I truly need for my body. Aside from upping my intake of D-rich foods, there are also supplements to help me reach my optimal D levels. I am now taking BioBalance's Vitamin D3 5,000 IU (1 capsule a day) for my Vitamin D supplementation.

I'm not getting any younger so it's time to pull all the stops to ensure I live a healthier life. You should, too! Vitamin D is as important as other nutrients we need for our bodies!

The Test4D is a point-of-care Vitamin D test kit that shows you if you are deficient or sufficient in a matter of 10 minutes. SRP is at PhP 1,000, which is half the cost of testing in most local laboratories, but the test accuracy is 97%.

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