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Are You Vitamin D Deficient?

When I received the invite for BioBalance Insititute's "D"-coding, the first thing that came to mind was "There's actually a condition such as Vitamin D deficiency?" For us Filipinos that live in a tropical country, you would think that we are far from having insufficie…

Weekend Movies #11: Going Japanese

I went on full Japanese flicks marathon around the middle of this month! Early November was peppered with a lot of news that sent little ripples through my placid state of mind. It's nothing major, really. Just a few tweaks here and there. Anyway, as I've mentioned a handful of times befor…

Type Kita 3: Pass on the Passion

Do you like anything handmade, collaborate with other artists or just geek out for an entire day (or two!) and surround yourself with art, all for a good cause? Read on then!
Type lovers and lettering enthusiasts will be in for a treat! This coming December 12th and 13th, the team behind Type Kita

Fresh, Fun and Healthy:
Pickle Food Co.'s Calorie-Controlled Meals

Indulging myself in delicious food, I realized, is one of the things I can never truly give up on. Ever. I learned that through years and years of "dieting" and some attempts at a healthier lifestyle (also, I mostly blog about food so IDK why I even bothered). I could safely say that las…

Favorite Things #33: My Favorite Instagram Accounts

I remember when I first started using Instagram back in '13, it was just basically where I dump photos in square form. There was no VSCO or Afterlight yet and everyone made use of Instagram's own filters (Rise and Valencia were my preferred ones) and no one really cared how crappy your pho…

2016 Planner Picks

Aside from keeping journals, I am a big, big fan of planners. For one, it helps my mind unclutter (I try to keep too many lists in my head), remember important appointments, and listing down things actually calm me down (I'm not the only one). I get little panic attacks when I realize I have too much on my plate (e.g. when the things I need to blog about keep on piling up, among other things) and jotting it down in bullet points somehow soothes my nerves. For me, choosing a planner is serious business. Hahaha. 

How serious? Serious to the point that I have specifications. HAHAHA. First, it has to be in black and white or gray. I like it really simple but efficient. I do exhaust my planners and actually fill every page with scribbles, so I make it a point to find an organizer that has enough space for all my doodles and little notes. I tend to lean on minimalist designs because I really need all that space. Also, it has to be budget-friendly. I can't really imagine myself getting a moleskin planner for the sole reason that it's too pricey, I would rather not write on it. My preferred planner from 2013 to 2014 was Slate because I loved the incorporation of films in it. The cover was simple but I loved all the artwork inside! Then I switched to Moonleaf's because it was the epitome of a perfect planner to me. No fuss and sleek. It does the job.

I was set on getting Moonleaf's 2016 planner again but after going through some lists, I found some favorites. Here are my top 5 top 6 2016 planner picks!

Drift Off: A Playlist

There's so much happening right now that sometimes, I can't help but freak out. No, not the full-on going berserk mode, but more of the, "Hey, let me take a moment to stare into space so I could fully digest all the things you're telling me right now." kind. The last week of October up until mid-November will keep me preoccupied once again because of our current workload, add the fact that my schedule got pushed later by an hour because of DST. I have so much emotions for all the things that's going on with my friends, I can't totally wrap my head around all the new information.

Kickstarting a Healthier Lifestyle with
Century Tuna Superbod Abs Plan

Being in tip-top shape has always been at the top of my New Year's resolution list every year. Some years, I was able to attain my ideal weight, but most years, I don't bother. I think one's perspective of being healthy sometimes depend at what stage you are in your life. At least for me, that is. I remember back in college, I was obsessed with losing so much weight that I took shortcuts (crash diet + slimming pills combo) to achieve it. I did lose a considerable number of pounds but I gained it back as fast as I lost it. And though I was so thin, I felt so unhealthy. Years passed and then came the realization that as you add more years to your age, the harder it is to keep off the weight. I've always been on the chubby side, and I came to terms that I will never be super thin unless I totally give up on everything I love (I really can't. Just can't. I love food too much.) 

Late 2013, I was at my heaviest and decided I needed some lifestyle change. I took the longer and better route: signed up for a gym membership and drastically changed my eating habits. Slowly, I was shedding off pounds and feeling more energetic. I've never felt better in my life! Hahaha! But old habits die hard. When I'm too tired from work, I skip preparing my meals and resort to fast food deliveries. And before I realized it, I'm gaining weight again.