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Yay + Nay: Black Mirror and Knock Knock

Last week has been swell (will be explaining in my next blog post, or if you follow me on Twitter or Instagram, you probably already know hehe), I didn't had much time to watch much (normally, I get to watch at least 6) films, even over the weekend, but hey, definitely NOT complaining! I managed to squeeze in a TV series and one film earlier in the week because I've been anticipating that movie for a while now. (Reminder: May contain spoilers.)

YAY: Black Mirror

It's always such a delight to find something super refreshing and worthwhile to watch. You know that feeling like you've stumbled upon a gem? Something that stirs up your emotions and provokes your thoughts? That's how I felt after I got to watch the films Confessions and Stoker. And it's the same thing I felt with Black Mirror.

Black Mirror was recommended by friends, and by not spoiling about it too much, they just told me it's in a dystopian setting and centers around modern technology. One episode into the first season and I was absolutely blown away. It was horrifyingly excellent! It's grim, satirical, unfortunate and there's a big truth to each episode of, you know, how screwed up humanity is. Gawd, it's just soooooo good. If you haven't seen it or heard about it, I suggest you go look it up and get a copy. I always end up muttering "What the fcuk?!" at each episode. But it's so disturbingly amazing, you can't help but dig in. My favorite episode is Season 1's The Entire History of You.

It's easy to catch up because each season (they're at their third) only has 3 episodes. Downside is that you have to wait extra long for the new episodes (they only had 7 episodes of Black Mirror for the last 4 years!) but I assure you this is unquestionably superb.

NAY: Knock Knock

Keanu Reeves is a fantastic actor. Eli Roth is best known for gorn (portmanteau of gore and porn, film with outrageous amounts of gore for thrill and excitement) and I never forgot about him ever since I saw Hostel. The last Keanu movie I saw was John Wick, and it definitely fell squarely on the assassin genre. Nothing more, nothing less. I kind of expected more eh. 

Anyway, I was really excited when I heard about Knock Knock because OMG KEANU IN A GORE FILM! But I was sorely disappointed. I wanted to see Keanu with blood on his face and slashed Achilles heels trying to make it crawling to the door before those crazy chicks staple shut his mouth or his balls or sew his hands together or something. Anything!!! But instead I got to see a threesome (LOL), the brunette stabbing him with a fork (okay, she twisted it good) and him buried neck deep while watching a Facebook-uploaded video of him getting it on with the blonde with daddy issues, and in his attempt to unearth himself, he accidentally 'likes' the video. Then he screams (while muffled) a long "No!" as if that wasn't such a cliche. In fairness, I thought that was just hilarious. But overall, this film is so inert.

But I'm not giving up on you, Keanu. I'm still  looking forward to your next flick, The Neon Demon.