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Shari's Berries: Movie + Desserts Pairing Guide

Shari's Berries' current pairing guide hit the right notes again! I've previously shared their Literature and Desserts Pairing Guide about 3 months ago, and this time, they've combined 2 of my favorite things: films and desserts!

When I am in one of those moods that I just want to stay in for the entire weekend, 2 things are of importance: a great film and something good to nibble on. My popular choice would be a pint of Rocky Road ice cream, bars of Violet Crumble or a bag of chips -- optional would be my nails (haha) because I have a terrible habit of nail biting when I feel anxious!

Now with this list the peeps from Shari's Berries have sent me, I could add a little twist to my low-key weekends: eat desserts that represent these iconic films! That would be so sweet (pun intended)! Calling all my weekend movie marathon buddies, let's get this ball rolling!

Hope you guys find enjoyment in this list as well! What other film and confection duo can you recommend?
(Images from berries.com used with permission)