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Friday's 10 Happy Things #6

This is one of those weeks that I really mean it when I say Thank God, it's Friday. As of writing, my Friday's just starting (which means it's already almost Saturday for you guys) so I still have to go through a legion of edits before I can call it a work week. October is coming to a close and it's time for a little recap of the things that made me happy the past 2 weeks. Funny that I started October with a 10 Happy Things list (excited and all) and it looks like I'll be closing with it as well (still ecstatic and all haha). 

1. Let me get this out of the way first and foremost: Finally seeing James Reid in the flesh. LOL.

Been fangirling over this guy and Nadine Lustre since Muffet introduced me to OTWOL (okay, may have obsessed a bit about them after I saw DNP haha), and never have I imagined that I'll get to see him in person any time soon. I attended an event for Century Tuna and didn't expect that he will be coming *exclamation points* ughasdfghjkl He's super nice and accommodating. I will stop here before I bore you with my blow-by-blow account of what happened that day and all my adjectives about him. Haha.

2, Discovering the music of Ourselves the Elves. Cincinnati Clocks is my favorite track. <3

3. Funniest conversations and hypothetical questions with Muffet. Hahaha. Sometimes, our heads are waaaaaaaayyyy above the clouds!

4. Taking my flatlay game to the next level. LOL!

5. Roaming around Ace Hardware after a long and draining day at work. Therapeutic.

6. Finally going to the supermarket to pick up much needed things.

7.The unexpected no-traffic Friday. I was really bracing myself for this Friday (because payday + holiday + people going home to their provinces) but to my surprise, still took me the usual time to get to work!

8. Have you heard about the Gilmore Girls revival? Thank you, Netflix! So excited and happy! It will be great to see everyone although I'm not pining on Rory ending up with either Jess or Logan or Dean again. I'm just really thrilled to see the cast in a much more current setting. Gilmore Girls has been one of my favorite TV shows back in high school  and I'm really super stoked for this!

9. My photos from Storytell Prints, and Poetry Magnets have arrived!

10. Had all the salmon and tuna sashimi I wanted at Ogawa earlier with friends!

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