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Friday's 10 Happy Things #6

This is one of those weeks that I really mean it when I say Thank God, it's Friday. As of writing, my Friday's just starting (which means it's already almost Saturday for you guys) so I still have to go through a legion of edits before I can call it a work week. October is coming to a close and it's time for a little recap of the things that made me happy the past 2 weeks. Funny that I started October with a 10 Happy Things list (excited and all) and it looks like I'll be closing with it as well (still ecstatic and all haha). 

1. Let me get this out of the way first and foremost: Finally seeing James Reid in the flesh. LOL.

Been fangirling over this guy and Nadine Lustre since Muffet introduced me to OTWOL (okay, may have obsessed a bit about them after I saw DNP haha), and never have I imagined that I'll get to see him in person any time soon. I attended an event for Century Tuna and didn't expect that he will be coming *exclamation points* ughasdfghjkl He's super nice and accommodating. I will stop here before I bore you with my blow-by-blow account of what happened that day and all my adjectives about him. Haha.

Yay + Nay: Black Mirror and Knock Knock

Last week has been swell (will be explaining in my next blog post, or if you follow me on Twitter or Instagram, you probably already know hehe), I didn't had much time to watch much (normally, I get to watch at least 6) films, even over the weekend, but hey, definitely NOT complaining! I managed to squeeze in a TV series and one film earlier in the week because I've been anticipating that movie for a while now. (Reminder: May contain spoilers.)

Arla Foods' All Natural Dairy Goodness

Dairy products are an important food group necessary to one's nutrition. I'm a sucker for dairy products like yogurt, milk, CHEESE (!!!) and other milk-based desserts. I usually start the day with a bowl of cereals and a hefty splash of milk, or just straight up drinking it out of the carton (LOL don't do that). You can see me munching on a slice of pizza with different kinds of stringy cheese and finishing it off with a pint of ice cream.

When I got an invite last week with the subject "Do you know where your dairy came from?" I realized that I really have no idea because I never bother to check the ingredients on my favorite dairy products' pack. Nowadays, it's difficult to find products that are natural, delicious and most of all, reliable. I'm glad I was introduced to Arla Foods because now, I have a better option for my favorite dairy treats.

Birthday Weekend 2015: Baguio City

It goes by many names: Summer Capital of the Philippines, The City of Pines; the things that first come to mind when you say Baguio are the frosty temperature, strawberries and Good Shepherd ube. But for me, Baguio will always be my happy place. I've repeatedly expressed how I've been wanting to go back, even just for the weekend, but time doesn't seem to be on my side. This year, for my birthday, I was supposed to spend it at Capiz and Iloilo with a bunch of friends from work but plans changed so I ended up, finally, going to Baguio! Woohoo! I've made a list of places we consider going to so we wouldn't end up circling around the city (and because my mom insists of making an itinerary haha).

If you happen to visit Baguio soon, you could check these places out! Or if you don't feel like it, another good idea would just be stay under the sheets all day long while enjoying a book and a cup of cocoa. :)

Shari's Berries: Movie + Desserts Pairing Guide

Shari's Berries' current pairing guide hit the right notes again! I've previously shared their Literature and Desserts Pairing Guide about 3 months ago, and this time, they've combined 2 of my favorite things: films and desserts!

When I am in one of those moods that I just want to stay in for the entire weekend, 2 things are of importance: a great film and something good to nibble on. My popular choice would be a pint of Rocky Road ice cream, bars of Violet Crumble or a bag of chips -- optional would be my nails (haha) because I have a terrible habit of nail biting when I feel anxious!

Now with this list the peeps from Shari's Berries have sent me, I could add a little twist to my low-key weekends: eat desserts that represent these iconic films! That would be so sweet (pun intended)! Calling all my weekend movie marathon buddies, let's get this ball rolling!

29 and Grateful

“I always feel as if I'm struggling to become someone else. As if I'm trying to find a new place, grab hold of a new life, a new personality. I suppose it's part of growing up, yet it's also an attempt to re-invent myself. By becoming a different me, I could free myself of everything. I seriously believed I could escape myself -- as long as I made the effort. But I always hit a dead end. No matter where I go, I still end up me. What's missing never changes. The scenery may change, but I'm still the same old incomplete person. The same missing elements torture me with a hunger that I can never satisfy. I think that lack itself is as close as I'll come to defining myself.”

About 2 years ago, this is exactly how I felt about myself. I was confined inside a box -- but then I never really felt 'stuck' because I believed that in that box was where I'm supposed to be and I was scared to be anywhere but there. I never yearned for more because I was contented. It was safe there. Then things took a turn and I was suddenly displaced and found myself nowhere near my comfort zone. I guess abrupt and big changes can really skew your perspectives in life. I just reread my birthday entry last 2013 and boy, was I the most sullen person ranting about life. Hahaha.

I had a point though in that post. Indeed, problems do not get magically solved when your birthday arrives, but I've learned that it's a matter of how you view things. Fast forward to today, even though the problems and the struggles will be always there, I am in deep gratitude for everything that happened and changed since that day. A lot of great things happened to me in 2 years. I constantly ask myself daily, "Is today the best version of yourself?" and to be frank, I still don't know the answer. I guess it's the ultimate relative question you could ask yourself. Hahaha. I've been to so many places, met a battalion of new people, tried new things and had so many adventures with my friends, I can't see my old self in me anymore. It's like I was standing in the middle of this flurry of newness and I try to absorb as much as I can. It was happening all at once, and I loved it, and I lived for it. If my old self met me today, she would not believe the stories I would tell her.

Urban Grind Tiendesitas, Pasig City

I am never one to scout for coffee shops because (as I've said many times before) I'm not really a coffee drinker, but whenever there's a chance to check a new place out through friends' recommendations, of course, I never turn it down. I've already frequented Urban Grind before, but decided to blog about it just now because over those times I've paid them a visit, one thing I have proven is that they have the greatest cakes. Hehe.

Aside from the delicious cakes, Muffet and I keep coming back here because their interior design is so on point. Muffet's gaga for industrial-themed places, so this hits the sweet spot. There's wood, there's metal, and there's concrete. That's the best part. It's super modern and 'industrial chic,' as she calls it. And it's really a win-win for the both of us to go to a cafe to spend some time to talk and both enjoy the view and the grub.

Friday's 10 Happy Things #5

Original image from Christian Watson's Instagram account.
My favorite month finally kicked off and I couldn't be more excited! The start of October is also the start of the last quarter of the year, and we all know that, that's basically the beginning of Christmas in the Philippines (or September pa lang ba?) Hahaha. This month is dear to me because, for one, it's my birth month. The same goes for both my mom and brother, so you bet there's a lot of celebration that's going to happen. And truthfully, it gives me relief that September is over. Let's just say September makes me feel a bit neurotic and on the edge.

So let's start this wonderful month on a positive note! Here are the things that made me happy this week: