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This Week's Recap // 10

Heneral Luna image from here.
The past week has been quite... uneventful. I got sick last Wednesday, the result of my laziness to open my umbrella when it rained last weekend. That must be it because I can't think of any other reason why I got the flu. I remember we got off the cab and was walking towards Slice in High Street when it started to rain. And I figured since it was just a short walk, I won't take out my umbrella na lang. Hahaha. Then my throat started to itch the next day, then I got colds, then cough, then all of my body hurt. Up until now I still have colds but I'm feeling exponentially better.

Oh, we went to Baconfest MNL which really, really shouldn't have been named as Baconfest because the amount of bacon (or lack thereof) wasn't decent enough for the event to qualify as a bacon festival. Disappointing. When we got there, the first product offered to us by Purefoods (which hosted the event) were chicken drumlets. LOL. What a let down.

The other highlight of my week was scouting SM Megamall for the October issue of Candy Mag. Hahaha. I got so hooked with James Reid that I found myself silently praying to the heavens that National Bookstore's already got stocks. I don't recall ever buying Candy. Ever. But there I was, asking the girl behind the counter if they already have the newest edition of Candy. Pero wala. So I went to Fully Booked High Street. Hahaha. There's this guy on the magazine corner that's rearranging the magazines, I think, and I asked him if they already have Candy's latest. He answered, "Yes, ma'm. Kararating lang kahapon. 'Di pa nga nabubuksan." He then opened this tall wrapped pile and looked at the cover, and told me, "Uy, si hubby pala 'to eh!" I just laughed and proceeded to pay for it. I am fangirling so hard right now.

Then I went home just to find out I've misplaced my keys to the condo... so I went home to Cavite. Hahaha.

After spending my Saturday and Sunday in bed, with potato chips and fast food deliveries, watching reruns of Stalker, (I found my keys na yehey) I decided to come home to Cavite because I need a decent Internet connection. Coincidentally, my parents were going out to watch Heneral Luna, so I went with them then we had dinner. That movie's superb. John Arcilla as Heneral Luna's laughter is my favorite! It's always filled with condescension. Hahaha. The Spoliarium shot was brilliant!

So that sums up how my week went. I think I blabbed a little more than I should.

I hope you had a fine week as well!

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