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Favorite Things #32

I almost forgot I had this blog series. Hahaha. The last one was wayyy back in April, then I lost my phone so I kind of neglected the fact that this existed. And maybe because I was participating in Helga's 10 Happy Things? Anyway, I hope everyone's having a great pre-weekend. Hopefully, no more insane EDSA traffic in the following days (though I'm looking at my window right now and the sky's super dark and about to pop rain again). I recently bought a breakfast table and I've been blogging comfortably on bed. Some days I feel like I won't ever get out of my bed. Hahaha.

One. My best friend finally getting hitched! I'm really super happy for these two. A DIY wedding that they prepared for, for like a month and they managed to pull it off! We were all super stressed the day itself but everything went perfectly. I made the buttercream frosting for their wedding cupcakes and I can't wait to make a bowl and eat it while doing a Penny Dreadful marathon.

Two. Waking up to a sea of fluffy comforter. Spent an afternoon at Muffet's house and her bed comforter was just so damn soft. Haha. (Edit fail: The post title on the photo actually covered the comforter. Lol.)

Three. Rocha's puto and kutsinta with cheese. Soooo good!

Four. Still can't get over Krung Thai's food. We went back there for the second time last week. Hahaha. Yes, a mere week after we first ate there. And boy, did we spoil ourselves. Hahaha. I was with Muffet and Burn and we ordered 10 pieces of that Thai spring roll I was raving about like a lunatic. I don't think I will ever get enough. :(

Five. Bought this enamel mug from Nomadic Goods Co. but haven't used it yet. Also scored this old book titled The World of Food from a thrift shop in Cubao Expo last week. The illustrations were really pretty and I love reading it because it's all about, well, food! There's something so nostalgic about actually looking at books for information and references. We don't do that any more these days.

Six. New pillowcases and bed sheet! It's quite hard to find gray sheets, finally stumbled upon some at SM Department Store. Can you recommend places where I can get black bed sheets? I badly need one!

I'm blasting Priory's Weekend (on loop) while doing this and maybe will steal a nap again for 2 hours before I go to work. That song never fails to set the mood! Happy weekend, kids!

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