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Big Bad Wolf Burgos Circle, Taguig

Original photo from Mars Guisala
I've always kept visiting The Mind Museum in my mental checklist of things to do whenever I get the time, but when I actually do have the free time I've always hoped for during weekends, I totally forget about it. Last Sunday, I was finally able to go there with a couple of my friends. Yey!

I am a scientist at heart, and this place was able to feed my endless curiosity with its 250-something interactive exhibits! Totally brought out the kid in me! Hahaha!

YAHOOOOOO! With Yuri at the static ball!
After roaming around for 3 hours, it was time to eat. We discovered Big Bad Wolf among a circuit of restaurants located in Burgos Circle, just across the museum.

Original photo from Apple Ochon
If you've noticed, I've borrowed photos of Big Bad Wolf from other blogs because it skipped my mind to take pictures because a, I was famished, and b, it was raining that night. I do wish I could go back in the future to see more of the place and to have drinks!

The museum kids and the Big Bad Wolf!
I kept thinking why this restaurant was named as Big Bad Wolf. Are the customers supposed to feel like Little Red Riding Hood, and the place should feel like her grandma's house? Hahaha. Are we going to be tricked and eaten?

Of course not! When you stumble upon this place, prepare to devour! Hahaha! And for our food:

Poached Egg Carbonara - PhP 320 / Potato Skins - PhP 290 / Chorizo Pizza - PhP 410 /
Puttanesca - PhP 210 / Santol Smoked Pork Belly - PhP 520
My pick: Paprika chicken - PhP 290
Adding to the overall homey vibe of the place are the savory dishes. I was supposed to order the Milk Marinated Porkchops but it was out of stock, so I settled for the Paprika Chicken. Everything everyone else picked was delightful except with mine. LOL. Props to the way it was perfectly fried but it didn't really taste anything like paprika. Not even a hint of that smokey flavor I was expecting. No heat with every bite. I wish I have gotten the Bastard Hot Wings instead. Anyway, the Santol Smoked Pork Belly was the bomb! Reminded me of Poco Deli's bacon slab but even more flavorful. And the sauce! *hearts all around*

And since Big Bad Wolf doesn't offer desserts, we left after our hearty meals over conversations. Though my preferred dish didn't live up to its name, much to my dismay, I would still come back to try other dishes (Grilled Cheese Sandwich!) and see more of its wonderful wood-clad layout. :)


Big Bad Wolf is located at Forbes Town Center, Burgos Circle, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig City
Contact No.: (02) 822-5833
Operating Hours: 11:00 AM - 2:00 AM
Official Facebook Page